Why Is Ellie So Important In The Last of Us?

Why Is Ellie So Important In The Last of Us? By now, it’s pretty clear they think Ellie is the key to the cure that will end the plague that is killing people worldwide.

The Cordyceps brain virus is caused by parasitic fungi that get into the bodies of their hosts, eat their brains, and then take over their bodies.

Except for Ellie, this has been true for every victim. Ellie has the sign of someone infected, and she tests positive for the virus when scanned. However, she tells Joel and Tess: “It’s been three weeks since this happened. No one stays alive for more than a day. Does this look like it was made yesterday?”

Ellie did great on the tests that the Fireflies gave her. This showed that her mind hadn’t gotten worse and that she was pretty much fine other than her smart mouth.

Ellie, like us, doesn’t know much about her past or why she was left without a family. However, Marlene tells Ellie the truth. Marlene was the one who gave her to the FEDRA Military when she was a baby, even though she didn’t like them.

Marlene knew that no matter what, they would keep her safe. In the show, it’s not clear why Marlene wants to keep Ellie safe, but her story in the game shows that she was a close friend of Ellie’s mother. This means that she would like to keep an eye on her.

It would explain how Marlene discovered so quickly that Ellie was infectious (before she could be killed) and why she is still alive when everyone else has died.

It’s likely that they kept an eye on her and waited for her to reach the end of the line so they could humanely kill her. When she didn’t get that point, they started looking for answers.

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