The Last Of Us Episode 1 Recap, Ending Explain

The Last Of Us Episode 1 Recap: The Last of Us is one of the most popular video games, so HBO’s version of the story has been one of the most-anticipated video game adaptations in recent years. For fans of this series, the first chapter of this story is one of the saddest ever told in a video game, but “When You’re Lost in the Darkness,” the first episode of this new series from Craig Mazin and Neil Druckmann, does the story justice.

Also, this episode does a great job of introducing our main characters and giving us a look at their past, present, and future. This beginning is essential for this trip, but Mazin and Druckmann do a great job of getting this story started. The Last of Us Episode 1 Release Date, Preview, Cast, Recap (When You’re Lost in the Darkness)

The Last Of Us Episode 1 Recap

The first part of the episode takes place in 1968 when we hear Dr Newman talk on a talk show about a global pandemic that could be coming. This is a terrifying moment because when they talk about this plague, you can’t help but think about what we’ve been through with COVID. The opening credits, which are a beautiful montage, come next. I will always credit HBO and its use of music to make impressive opening sequences.

We jump ahead to 2003, where Sarah makes her dad breakfast for his birthday. As the two are getting to know each other, Tommy comes in looking for his breakfast. Sarah is upset because she wants to celebrate Joel’s birthday, but Joel says they will have to work late. He promises to be home by 9 PM with a cake. A few seconds later, we see Sarah digging through one of the drawers to get some money.

Sarah goes to a jewellery store after school to get that watch fixed, probably for her dad. While she waits, a woman comes out of the back and says that they are closing the shop. She is distraught and tells Sarah that she needs to go home. She goes to the neighbour’s house and asks if the news has changed because there are a lot of police officers on the streets. Later that night, when Joel gets home, he forgets the cake, which makes Sarah sad, but he and Sarah have a sweet moment together over the gift she got him.

Tommy calls Joel from jail while they are watching a movie together and asks him to come to get him out. After putting Sarah to bed, he does it against his will. That night, Sarah is sleeping when she hears loud noises outside. They wake her up, and she goes looking for her dad. She looks everywhere in the house, but he’s not there. Next, she goes outside and next door, where her neighbours have been killed and turned into something like zombies. When Joel finally got there, he knocked the older neighbour out.

The whole city has gone crazy because no one knows what’s going on. We go with Joel, Tommy, and Sarah as they try to figure out how to get out of the city. Then comes the moment when the army confronts Joel and Sarah. Sarah gets shot, and just as Joel is about to be shot, Tommy saves him. But Sarah is slowly fighting to stay alive. Honestly, this scene was so well-directed that it felt like it was taken right out of a video game. We’ll be looking for moments like that throughout the series to get us back into the game, and this was a great way to set the tone for episode one.

Twenty years have passed, and we are now in Boston. The city looks like it has been destroyed. We see a little girl walk up to the guards, who take her to the facility. Next, we see Joel, who works for the military and looks for more work as he gets paid. He is haggling with one of the military men, who is talking about a vehicle. Then we see Joel walking around and stumbling into a place where people who didn’t do what they were told were about to be hung.

The Last Of Us Episode 1 Ending Explain

Now we get to meet Ellie, who is chained to a radiator. Ellie isn’t happy, so she gives a sarcastic answer to the woman’s question. Next, we see Joel go to talk to someone about Tommy, who he hasn’t talked to in three weeks. He wants to know what’s going on. Joel doesn’t like how things are going, so he asks the man for a map of the tower.

Joel goes crazy when Tess tells him that Robert sold their battery. They need it for the truck. She tries to make him feel better by telling him that they will figure it out. Next, we meet Marlene, who tells her team that they are leaving and taking the random girl (Ellie) out west. She says that they will get her where she needs to go no matter what it takes. Now, Marlene meets up with Veronica (Ellie), and she tells her about the plan to get her out of there.

They run into Marlene and Ellie while looking for their battery, and things get complicated. Because of all the noise, Marlene tells Joel that it’s his job to get Ellie where she needs to go. He tells Tess about the plan. Then, Tess says that the deal is that they can have everything they want as long as they give Ellie back. Marlene says that if they don’t kill her, they will. All of this leads to the scene where they try to get out of town, which is shot very quickly.

We haven’t seen a better dramatic pilot in a long time than this one. They did a great job of including genuine parts of the game. But then, they did a great job of getting people who didn’t play it interested.

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