Your Honor Season 2 Episode 7 Recap – Why was Robin killed?

Your Honor Season 2 Episode 7 Recap: If, like me and some commenters last week, you were wondering who Walter Beckwith is, don’t worry: this week’s rocket-powered episode of Your Honor has you covered. It covers a lot of ground, and there are big twists and turns everywhere. It’s one of those episodes where things can never be the same again, and it deserves some credit for how much it changes the whole drama. Start with Beckwith, though.

Your Honor Season 2 Episode 7 Recap

Why does Beckwith want Michael to die?

Your Honor Season 2 Episode 7 Recap

In Episode 6, we found out that Beckwith was the corrupt cop who killed Michael Desiato’s wife, Robin, when she looked into gang killings by corrupt cops a little too much. Michael was on his way to give this information to Nancy Costello at the end of last week’s episode, but Beckwith pulls him over in what seems like a normal traffic stop and arrests him for driving without his licence, which is against his parole. You’d be right if you thought this sounds like a bit of a coincidence.

Michael puts two and two together when he sees the name tag. Beckwith says that the fact that Nancy looked into Robin’s murder again gave him a clue. He asked KJ about it and found out that he had told Michael and Elizabeth. So, Beckwith is trying to kill Michael to get him off the board.

Lucky for Beckwith, Nancy shoots him at the last second. He won’t admit that Cunningham is working with him, but his phone is constantly ringing, so Nancy figures it out anyway. When she talks to Cunningham, who has been running around like a headless chicken the whole episode (more on this in a second), he shoots himself.

Who put Cunningham in touch with Robin?

But he also gives an interesting answer to the question of how he knew where Robin would be that night: Charlie Figaro told him, just like Charlie Figaro called him to help get rid of Adam Desiato’s car. In the NOPD, Cunningham was Charlie’s guy. In a way, Charlie was responsible for Robin’s death.

When Michael finds out about this, he talks to Charlie about it. Charlie says that he put Robin in touch with Cunningham because Robin wanted to know if Cunningham knew anyone in the police. He didn’t know Cunningham was dirty and didn’t think he would kill her. But he must have known there was a link when she died, but he didn’t say anything about it. He says he’s sorry. Michael can’t believe it.

Does Eugene survive?

It’s hard to believe that Cunningham got away with anything for as long as he did. After accidentally shooting Eugene last week, which no one seems to have seen, he spends most of this episode trying desperately to find the boy. Eugene goes to Lee, and Lee’s friend Tanya tries to help him. But when Eugene’s condition worsens, they must take him to the hospital. This saves Eugene’s life but also brings him a lot of attention. Lee gets the nurse at the desk to give the victim a wrong description, but Cunningham figures out the trick in the end. But when he gets to the hospital, Eugene sees him and starts shouting his own name. This gets a lot of attention and lets everyone know that he’s still alive, which is a very bad thing for almost everyone, but especially for Cunningham.

When Cunningham calls Charlie, the mayor tells him he’s on his own, which is why Charlie is packing his bags when Nancy gets the jump on him. Even though this isn’t a particularly happy episode, Cunningham still had a very stressful evening.

Fia takes Rocco where?

In “Part Seventeen,” Jimmy Baxter is the only one who seems to be having a good time. After beating Frankie up and kicking him out of his job as the family’s head of security, he seems to have a new lease on life. He laughs maniacally like the Joker, makes deals with the Calabri family, and gives Carlo some responsibility, which seems to do more to irritate Gina than anything else. He wants Eugene to be taken care of, but he doesn’t mind if his friend Cusack arrests Eugene when he wakes up. He also doesn’t seem too worried that Fia took Rocco and left the family home without telling him where she went.

I’m not sure if the Baxter family’s confusion over Fia’s sudden disappearance is a sign of bad writing or a way to show how short-sighted they are. Carlo gave her son to a stranger so that he could get revenge on a teenager. After that, Carlo’s mother and father cared more about Carlo and how the hit went than they did about baby Rocco. She had to leave! She went to see Jay at the church, and when Michael got home at the end of the episode, she was sitting on his front step. No one will come out of that situation well, but I don’t think a happy ending is likely at this point.

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