What Happened To Taehyung ? | Why BTS Taehyung is Called as ‘Ariana Guy’ Now?

What Happened To Taehyung

In both the east and the west people have similar standards for beauty of course there may be some differences in preference beautiful faces get recognized anywhere they go.

We can know this is true by looking at the popular Korean boy band BTS.

Their exceptional musical talent and dance moves did a play a role in their massive success.

But we can’t deny the fact that they all have good looks.

Their beauty is making the world go crazy across all ethnicities.

There is one member in particular who receives a great deal of attention for his looks.

It is Fee he has been given the nickname Ariana Guy by non-koreans. Yes Ariana from Mariana Grande.

Why was he given this ning name? What happened between him and Ariana?

Let’s find out.

Fee was recognized for his good looks even in places outside of Korea and he became more and more well known for it. In the Grammy Awards BTS and Lilla’s ex performed together.

Social media flooded with questions from locals asking who the kind the Bandanna is. the number of searchers skyrocketed and it eventually trended on Google and Twitter it seems like western people who weren’t familiar with BTS were shocked by their visuals.

Many new fans joined the fandom on that day.

This incident became even bigger when one of the most influential pop stars Ariana Grande uploaded a picture of her and BTS on social media.

Ariana has more than 220 million followers on her instagram, so this picture caught the attention of many who did not know bts very well.

People got curious about V’s identity and began asking, who is the guy standing next to ARI and what’s that guy’s name. In the picture Taehyung is staring directly at the camera, while resting his chin on his hand. His charming geese captured the hearts of international fans.

The reaction from the public was explosive. simply typing the guy on Google would display auto-complete options like the guy next to ariana.

And the guy on Dried Ariana the media also reacted to this phenomenon.

For an entire month the foreign press reported stories of Ariana and V this is not the last time he went viral with locals.

He once took a picture with Emma Stone during the embassy program SNL. Questions surged about the guy with blue hair next to Emma, in fact Tian has been receiving attention like this ever since his debut.

During the boy and love era he dyed his hair orange.

When BTS appeared on kiss radio the host even mentioned that searching up BTS and search engines would also show up orange hater.

Fee was selected by star monitor an entertainment media as the most handsome fees in the world for two consecutive years.

There were a total of 100 candidates which include both males and females.

Kim getting crowned first place has proved that he is even more beautiful than women.

Now that Bee has gained fame as a BTS member is now getting more and more recognized for his unbelievable performances and beautiful looks. The only concern I have is that his beauty might outshine his great talent.

I hope new fans would all fall in love once again for his voice and dance skills you.


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