WWE Fastlane 2021 Predictions Shocking Returns | WWE Rumors

WWE Fastlane 2021 Predictions Shocking Returns

This Sunday and in a surprise move they’ve already had five matches announced for the show but, what are the results gonna be?

Now let’s start off with the,

Women’s Tag Team Championship match, Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler take on Sasha Banks and Bianca Belair

WWE Fastlane 2021 Predictions Shocking Returns | WWE Rumors

champions Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler take on Sasha Banks and Bianca Belair, now obviously the WWE thought that this match was so good that they’ve booked it again for the Fastlane pay-per-view. However, they didn’t realize that the first encounter elimination chamber was as forgettable as a match on the main event. Ideally, the WWE would have sown the seeds for animosity between Smackdown Women’s Champion Sasha Banks and number one contender Bianca Belair that night, perhaps leading to a rift on a later episode of smackdown, instead, they’re dragging things out making the TAG Team titles as meaningless as ever and depriving an established team the chance to compete for the gold.

We’re hoping that if nothing else this meaningless match will be a good exhibition as much as can be expected with Nia Jax working but look for Nia Jax’s new love interest Reginald Thomas to interfere helping the champions to retain as Banks and Baller loss drives an even bigger wedge between them.

Our prediction Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler retain now what happens after the match is going to be more important than what happens in it as fans are curious whether bickering Banks and Bela can keep things civil heading into their WrestleMania match or whether one of them will step over the edge turning full-blown heel. Banks recently turned face but as fans know WWE has never let common sense get in the way of hot-shotting a storyline ironically WWE also seems to be going with a split between Jacks and Baszler as Jax becomes more obsessed with her new boyfriend.

Alexa Bliss Vs Randy Orton

WWE Fastlane 2021 Predictions Shocking Returns | WWE Rumors

Next up the intergender match between Alexa Bliss Vs Randy Orton, Alexa Bliss has been making Randy Orton’s life a living hell. Ever since he torched the Fiend at TLC, now Bliss is giving Orton the opportunity to rid himself of her in a match that on paper would seem to heavily favor the legend killer but look for Bliss to use some of her hocus pocus to keep Orton at bay initially. But for the Viper to eventually get his hands on Bliss preparing to send her off into the great beyond to join the Fiend.

Naturally, this will be the Fiend’s queue to return after months of television as WWE sets things up for a showdown between the two at Wrestlemania the Bliss Orton match could actually be fun depending on what type of special effects they use for Bliss and the Fiend and there’s also the curiosity over whether the Fiend will have a new look when he returns what this could be is anyone’s guess.

But you can be sure the WWE is doing it with the goal of selling even more Fiend merchandise. This one is going to be all about spectacle which is exactly what fans expect when they watch Alexa Bliss and the Fiend. Bliss will get the win thanks to the Fiend but Orton will live to fight at this year’s showcase of the immortals.

While the match itself is likely to be forgettable this is probably the most anticipated bout on the undercard as fans have been clamoring for the Fiend to return and WWE has been keeping us in suspense every time blitz and Orton interact.

It’s not a bad strategy as the WWE is unlikely to get one more rematch between the Fiend and Orton especially since the Fiend rarely is pinned but.

Our final prediction Alexa Bliss wins the match thanks to the Fiend.

Intercontinental Championship match between Champion Big E Vs the Nigerian Prince Apollo Crews

WWE Fastlane 2021 Predictions Shocking Returns | WWE Rumors

What a difference a gimmick change can make as 33-year-old Apollo Crews has been working on the WWE’s main roster since 2016. But it wasn’t until last year that he won his first WWE title defeating Andrade for the U.S championship. Cruz blends power moves mat wrestling moves and high flying moves into an exciting style, yet he’s been hampered by the lack of a certain x-factor. But not anymore as he recently turned to heal adopted a man who is in touch with his ancestry has created an engaging character who is both talented and vicious. Cruz is the ideal opponent for Big E as both men complement each other’s styles and they provide a clash of personalities with Crews being violent and selfish, while Big E continues to preach the power of positivity. This match could be the sleeper of the night especially if they give big Apollo time to show off their skills.

Look for apologists steal a win against Big E likely with the help of the Nigerian security force scoring the Intercontinental Championship and giving him another reason to be arrogant, while it may seem counterproductive to Big E’s push to have him lose the IC Championship when he’s in the midst of a big push. It’s likely they have even bigger things planned for him than the IC Title. Big E will either regain the belt one or two months down the road or he’ll take the next step into the world title picture.

While Big E may not win the World Championship just yet he’s gonna compete for it and come close. As for Crews in the Intercontinental Championship reign by a versatile heel is just what smackdown needs along with a good test of whether Crews can deliver as an upper card performer.

Our final prediction Apollo Crews wins the Intercontinental Championship.

Drew McIntyre VS Sheamus

Next up Drew McIntyre VS Sheamus, Drew and Sheamus have been battling in an intense feud that has helped elevate Sheamus as a singles wrestler with the Celtic Warrior possibly returning to the upper card or even the main event. Fans and critics have praised both superstars for the intensity of their matches and this program has been a good way to keep the King Of Claymore country away from the WWE Champion Bobby Lashley until Wrestlemania.

Arguably the biggest surprise in this match is that it’s sanctioned as a normal match rather than a last-man-standing match, something they seem to be headed towards after Drew and Sheamus’s last encounter went to a no-contest due to them being unable to continue.

The WWE has missed out on adding this or a similar stipulation to the match and it would have added another layer too, which should have been a brutal bout. However, the promotion may be thinking that it doesn’t want to chance Mcintyre getting hurt in a sick bump spot removing him from Wrestlemania.

It seems unlikely that Mcintyre will lose since he’s challenging the almighty but stranger things have happened and a Sheamus win could set things up for a future series between Mcintyre and Sheamus should the Scottish Psychopath regain the championship.

Expect to see Sheamus put on a strong showing but Drew will ultimately prevail and with any luck, he’ll be able to mend his friendship with Sheamus. Sheamus has been a heel for too long and they could use a wrestler like him on a babyface side.

One way to do so would be to have Bobby Lashley run in for a post-match attack on Mcintyre with Sheamus fighting him off.

At the same time, they could also keep Sheamus heal by having him walk away while Lashley puts the boots on Mcintyre.

But our final prediction Drew Mcintyre wins the match.

Braun Vs Shane McMahon

Braun Vs Shane McMahon, now this match was originally scheduled for Fastlane, but it’s been taken off the card. This is actually a good move as it’s hard to imagine a lengthy series between the Monster Among Men and Shanomak. This is a classic one-and-done feud that will likely feature a stipulation match between the two at Wrestlemania giving Shane a chance to bump his butt off and take time after Mania to sell his latest career-ending injuries. Somehow we predict he’s going off that pirate ship thankfully for Strowman it will give him something else to do besides participating in a Battle Royal as he’s often done.

The Universal Championship Match Between Champion Roman Reigns Vs Daniel Bryan

And finally the main event the Universal Championship match between champion Roman Reigns Vs Daniel Bryan with a mystery special enforcer, there are a number of unknowns going into this match beginning with who will serve as special enforcer for the match. Edge and Jay Uso are battling on the 19th march smackdown to determine the match’s enforcer, fans could see unintentional interference by Edge regardless of whether or not he acts as a special enforcer costing brian the bout which leads on to. The second element is Bryan going to be put into the Edge Vs Roman Reigns match and finally there’s the element of whether someone will show up on behalf of Reigns with rumors flying that Jimmy Uso could finally return to the show whatever the case this should be a fantastic match as Bryan puts on a technical wrestling clinic and does his best to avoid roman’s power-packed offense.

But I’m gonna go with a wild one here and say Daniel Bryan wins and Reigns somehow down the line gets into the match at Mania, making it a triple threat for the Universal Championship.

Our final prediction Daniel Bryan wins the Universal Championship but there you have it folks the winners and losers of the Fastlane pay-per-view.



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