Johnny Depp And Amber Heard 2021

Johnny Depp And Amber Heard 2021

Amber Heard Threatens Johnny Depp’s Son On Social Media

There’s a lot to unpack when it comes to the trial and ongoing case filed by Johnny Depp against Amber Heard and vice versa. Not the least of which was that amber claimed that Johnny Depp was Amber Heard to her and yet over time he’s been proving that it was the opposite. What’s more, is more texts and phone calls and other evidence present itself more clear does the portrait of Amber’s herd’s personality becomes.

And now a new social media message indicates that she was willing to threaten Johnny Depp’s son.

1. The case continues in regards to the continuing court case between amber Heard and Depp the best that we can say is it’s still going. In fact, due to the pandemic backing up court dates the upcoming case for defamation that depth filed against Amber Heard was delayed until 2022. Yes they’re gonna have to wait for over a year to go and finish this whether that will result in a final verdict or just another extension delay is not clear and it’s not likely to get clear for some time.

As of now though both sides are trying to prove their case against the other with Amber trying to hurt the Depp a beat her in their marriage.

And Depp refuting that and proving via his own evidence. That it was heard who they beat him, it’s very back and forth and very annoying, to be honest with you. But new nuggets of information keep popping up to make things interesting should they be real numbers.

2. The exchange with Depp fans of Depp has been trying to find their own evidence that proves that Amber Heard is the AB and that she’s out to get blood from Depp, and all associated with him. An Instagram exchange between Heard and Depp’s son Jack has popped up.

And indicated that they might be onto something a screenshot of a message the actress allegedly sent to Instagram to the actor’s son is causing a stir. We can read the star writing to Jack D AB, I’m going to finish each of you. I mean it’s up to you even if I don’t win in court I’m going to have your father killed.

Jack responded by noting that this could be used against her as it’s a threat which is very true, if you’re wondering if this exchange is actually real though it’s not. In fact, you can easily tell it’s fake for one simple reason. Jack Depp doesn’t have an official Instagram account. Amber Heard does but he doesn’t so this particular piece of evidence is bogus but thankfully for Depp and his fans other pieces aren’t.

3. The text messages one of the things that Amber Heard is trying to do is go and get messages from people who had close contact with JD. To help prove his ill intent towards her and the AB, that she had undergone during their marriage. The problem with that it’s revealed some other things as well, including text messages from JB to herd’s parents.

Now on the surface, this doesn’t seem like a bad thing because it’s fair that they would talk pre-divorce or that the parents would condemn JD for being their daughter after her accusations were made. Or at least that’s what you would expect, except the text messages reveal that her dad and mom both contacted JD individually and noted that they were sorry for everything amber was putting him through and that they both still loved him, that’s not the language you’d expect from the parents of an AB child right. It went on when Herd’s father noted that it was her lawyer’s idea to go and make the AB claim so that she could remain in the penthouse she was staying, at else she’d be homeless in 30 days. Curious thing don’t you think her mother even went so far as to wish that the two could have a do-over seemingly in reference to either doing over the marriage to get it right or just not have the marriage at all. It was also revealed that amber cussed out her own parents when she found out they were still talking to JD, not the best showing there.

4. Raging against Twitter further adding to her issues, she’s so determined to prove that JD is guilty of something that she tried to file a subpoena against Twitter, yes the Twitter in order to get the IDS and locations of certain users that she claims were made by JD and his team to go and AB her online and tell lies about her. Here’s the problem with that. You can’t go and subpoena someone like twitter they have privacy laws that prevent that unless true intent or harm is, but while she failed at that it proves how desperate she was to get some kind of evidence against her ex.

5. End of her rope so with all of this both the real and the fake one must ask is Amber Heard reaching the end of her rope her attempts to either delay elongate or refute the court case is getting more and more desperate with every attempt. Especially since she hasn’t provided clear evidence that Depp beat her even once while he has provided pieces that she has beaten him.

Whether this stops no one knows but it’s something that many are going to keep an eye on.

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