What Episode Does Hershel Die In The Walking Dead?

What episode does Hershel die in the walking dead? This is the most-asked question about the show on the internet. A decade ago, more than 17 million people watched The Walking Dead, making it the most-watched TV show ever. People didn’t wait long to criticise it, though, when it got repetitive and boring. Before season 11, the number of people who watched The Walking Dead dropped by a huge amount.

Aside from killing off some of the most popular characters, the show was bad because each episode ended with a stupid cliffhanger. Some Walking Dead fans think the show went downhill after Glenn died or when the writers changed Hershel’s character. Some people who watch “The Walking Dead” still want to know what happened to Hershel. How did Hershel Greene die in The Walking Dead? Come along to find out!

Before moving on, readers should know that The Walking Dead tried to get back on track with its 11th and final season in 2021. Fans liked that the show tried to get back to the dark world from the first season.

What Episode Does Hershel Die In The Walking Dead?

Hershel Greene dies in “Too Far Gone,” the eighth episode of The Walking Dead’s fourth season. The eighth episode of Season 4 of The Walking Dead aired on December 1, 2013. The mid-season finale of The Walking Dead’s fourth season is “Too Far Gone.” This is the 43rd episode of the show as a whole. Seth Hoffman wrote the script, and Ernest Dickerson oversaw the production.

How Did Hershel Greene Die In The Walking Dead?

In episode 2 of season 3, Hershel was bitten on the leg, but Rick cut off Hershel’s leg to save him. By cutting off the part, the virus could no longer spread. But who knew that even though he lived through such a terrible accident, he would die in a way that was even worse? He was very angry when he found out that Michonne had found out the truth about him and called him a monster. When the Governor finds out that Rick is hiding in an abandoned prison near him, he gets even madder. The Governor wants to get rid of Rick and his group, but his army is not ready to help him.

What Episode Does Hershel Die In The Walking Dead

And in the end, he kills those who didn’t believe in him. Later, the Governor finds a man who had forced some survivors to follow his orders. Now, he wants to take over the prison. To get Rick to give up, the Governor held Hershel and Michonne as hostages. He tells Rick’s group that they must leave the prison immediately or the hostages will die. Rick tried to persuade him that the two groups could live together in prison without fighting.

The Governor didn’t like the plan, so he cut Hershel’s head off with Michonne’s sword. Maggie and Beth are shocked to see their father get killed in front of them. Fans were so upset when Hershel died because they wanted a guy like him, who was smart and helpful, to live until the end. Even Scott Wilson, who died long ago, was surprised to hear that he would die in future episodes. But he said that the showrunner was in a tough spot as well. He knows that some characters will have to die at some point, and he’s okay with that.

Why Did The Governor kill Hershel In The Walking Dead?

Why did the Governor kill Hershel instead of Michonne when he had both of them as hostages? The Governor knew that Hershel was more important to Rick’s group than anyone else. Hershel knew a lot and had a lot of experience. The patriarch of the Greene family could never be a physical threat, but he could be dangerous in other ways. And if Hershel dies, the people who are still alive in prison will be less strong as a group. He might have been getting ready to kill Michonne after Hershel to get revenge on her for killing his daughter.

But the most important thing was killing Rick’s team and his plans. Well, we might never find out the Governor’s full plans because Rick’s group will probably attack him as soon as Hershel is dead and Michonne gets away. But we know that Rick’s group broke up because Hershel died, and from that point on, everything gets worse. Hershel was a great character who deserved a better ending, and his death is still one of the saddest things to happen on The Walking Dead.

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