Sons of the Forest Release Date PS5

Sons of the Forest Release Date PS5: After many setbacks and reschedules, Sons of the Forest will be available for early access on February 23, 2023. The early access in question will only be available on PC. Will Sons of the Forest be coming to PS5 soon?

Sons of the Forest is probably not coming to the PS5 since Endnight Games hasn’t said anything to suggest it is.

How Much Is Sons Of The Forest?

The price for early access to Sons of the Forest is $29.99.

No price has been given for the UK, but it should be around £24.99. The developer EndNightGame posted the price above on Twitter.

According to the overview of Steam’s early access, there are no plans to change the price for the full release. This means the price of the final product should be the same as the price of the early access build.

Early access has multiplayer co-op, and it has the same number of players as The Forest. EA by Endnight Games also has a lot to do and enjoy.

Sons of the Forest Trailers

We’re sure that Endnight Games has kept quiet about their The Forest sequel on purpose. Their three simple trailers, which are called Trailer 1, Trailer 2, and Trailer 3, and the fact that they haven’t added anything new since December 2021 show this. Real on the ball. Even so, the trailers only show short clips of the game in action, but this only adds to the mystery and scariness of the game and what’s in it.

Even though they haven’t told us much, these scattered Sons of the Forest trailers have told us a little about what to expect from our environment, how to survive, and the many scary things waiting for us. We’ve seen monsters made of flesh throw babies, cannibals with two heads walk on their hands, and our character use a severed head to scare off enemies. And it’s not just scary monsters that are trying to kill us. Wild animals and the bitter cold are also against us.

If you haven’t already, play The Forest to get ready for the next game. If you already have and you’ve done everything the prequel has to offer, we’ve put together a list of The Forest cheats, console commands, and the best The Forest mods you can use until Sons of the Forest comes out. With our Sons of the Forest system requirements list, you can find out what your PC needs to run the game and what specs are best.

How To Play Early Access?

You can access Sons of the Forest early on PC through Steam.

It will cost $29.99, but the game is only on your wish list as of this writing. As for what EA has to offer, the game can be played alone and with other people.

It has “caves to explore, a story to discover, a brand-new building system, crafting system, a new arsenal of weapons, dynamic weather and seasons, and terrifying enemies.”

When the full game comes out, there will be more items, more things to 3D print, and more game mechanics and stories. The game might come to PS5 and Xbox in the future, and the overview on Steam says that early access will last between six and eight months.

Sons of the Forest Release Date PS5

Endnight Games has confirmed that The Sons of the Forest will come out on PC via Steam on February 23, 2023, with an early access launch before that.

Sons of the Forest Gameplay

You were the only person in The Forest to survive a plane crash. In Sons, on the other hand, you chose to go into a world full of cannibals in search of a missing billionaire. Remember that as your helicopter crashes to the ground after an attack you don’t understand. We don’t know why you don’t just leave him there to show what it means to “eat the rich,” but hey, you’ve got to pay your bills.

When Sons of the Forest comes out, we’ll find out why you’re looking for this billionaire, but we have a pretty good idea of what will happen once you get to the deserted island. You and your friends will be left to explore, craft, survive, and hunt to stay alive and protect yourself from cannibals. Sons of the Forest is a survival horror game with an open world. Your journey is up to you and how you want to handle it.

In Sons of the Forest, you’ll have to fight against mutated monsters and against nature, as all four seasons are present (I’d give up looking for this guy, to be honest). It might be easier to stay alive if you can find fresh food in the ocean and forest in the spring and summer. But the bitter cold of winter might be harder, so make sure you’re ready.

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