Servant Season 4 Episode 10 Recap and Ending Explained

Servant Season 4 Episode 10 Recap and Ending Explained: Nothing seems to make pop culture fans more angry these days than a bad ending to a series. It’s hard to make the perfect ending to a season, but fans can always hope for that rarest of endings.

Servant may be a little different, though, because the creators of this Apple Original have been purposely teasing their fans for the past four years, giving them only small hints and keeping them and their many theories going for all of that time.

Those who have been watching Servant for all four seasons will be hoping for a big payoff. “Fallen” might not be the perfect ending that fans have been praying for. This ending isn’t quite satisfying because it doesn’t give that many clear, definitive answers. Instead, it keeps the show’s secrets frustratingly vague.

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Servant Season 4 Episode 10 Recap (Finale)

In the last few seconds of “Awake,” Leanne tells Dorothy that she must agree to her new rules to see Jericho again. The next episode starts right after that. Dorothy asks for a moment to herself so she can think. Sean and Julian have to stay in the car while Dorothy thinks about what to do. She goes upstairs to Jericho’s room to think about things in peace. Leanne comes after her and begs her to get better, telling her that they can be happy together. Dorothy finally feels sad as she holds her son’s toys in Jericho’s room.

Leanne worries that she has lost Dorothy and has nothing else to give her. She goes to the roof by herself. Again, Leanne screams at her God and asks why she can’t get what she wants. The biblical storm continues, and Leanne sees the cult members watching her from below. Dorothy goes up on the roof with Leanne. She thanks Leanne for giving her the nicest gifts and letting her spend many more magical months with Jericho. But Dorothy realises that she needs to let herself feel sad about Jericho’s death before she can finally let him go.

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Why did Leanne’s parents die?

Leanne worries that she is bad, so she tells Dorothy about the fire that killed her family. She says that when the fire started in her kitchen, she just ran away, hid from her parents, and watched as they died. Leanne could have helped them, but she didn’t want to. She thinks she should be punished for this bad thing she did.

Dorothy tries to explain why she did what she did by saying that she was just a scared little girl who needed love and care. Leanne doesn’t think anyone will ever forgive her for what she did and thinks she deserves punishment. Dorothy asks Leanne if she can be forgiven for killing Jericho. It looks like they both feel bad about the same things from their pasts. They both want to be forgiven and think the other is a good person. Dorothy says that if Leanne were her daughter, she would be proud of her.

When lightning hits the roof, Leanne keeps Dorothy from getting hurt. Leanne worries that her powers and the storm have gotten out of hand and that she can’t stop it from getting worse. They are going back inside. Leanne agrees to forgive Dorothy for what happened with Jericho as she kneels at Dorothy’s feet. They get out of the water and walk back to the car. Sean’s wounds are bleeding again, and he needs to go to the hospital. Dorothy walks in, and everyone tries to get Leanne to come with them. She says she needs to go back inside to get something, but it’s clear she has something else in mind. Leanne tells Julian to take care of them in a whisper, and then she leaves. It looks like she won’t be coming with them after all.

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How does Leanne say goodbye to Tobe?

Leanne locks the front door and goes down into the tunnels under the house. She says sorry to Uncle George’s dead body and picks up the ritual dagger. She is going to kill herself. Leanne pours gas all over the house and sets fire to the doll. The house goes up in flames quickly after.

Leanne goes upstairs to get away from the fire downstairs. She calls Tobe and makes plans for tomorrow, even though she already knows she won’t be going. As they plan the perfect date that will never happen, it’s a pretty sad way to say goodbye.

Then Leanne talks to her mother through the dummy doll. Leanne realises that she was never good enough for her mother, but now that she has Dorothy, she has everything that was missing from her childhood.

Why does Leanne sacrifice herself?

Julian is getting antsy in the car, so he gets out and tries to go into the house, but it’s on fire. Soon, Dorothy and Sean will go outside with him. They call the fire department and try to get in through the back door. People in the cult get together to watch the ritual sacrifice.

Leanne goes inside and goes up to the attic, where she plays her favourite song. She dances as the fire moves towards her room. Leanne gets perfume in her eyes and uses the dagger to cut her arms. She has started the Church of the Lesser Saint’s reunion ritual and plans to kill herself to stop the storm. Outside, sirens are getting close, but it’s too late. Leanne is caught in the fire and starts to burn. The floor falls out from under her, and her body falls down. We cut to a new day, and the storm is gone. Leanne’s sacrifice has worked, and she has probably saved a lot of lives as a result.

Leanne thought she was bad and that she deserved to die, so she gave her own life to stop the storm.

The Turners’ house is almost completely destroyed, and the police are talking to each member of the family separately outside the wreckage. Dorothy hears from the police that they think a gas leak started the fire. Sean tells them that he has reserved a room at a hotel for them to stay in for the night and that they will never come back to rebuild this house again. While Julian waits for the body of Leanne to be found.

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Dorothy talks to Officer Reyes, who was the same person she talked to on the day Jericho’s body was found. Dorothy talks about that scary event and thanks Reyes for being kind. They talk about the dead, and then Reyes tells them who she really is. Reyes says that when she was seventeen, she was in a car accident and died. The cult then brought her back to life. The Church helped Reyes become a police officer and saved her life. She thinks her job is to help and protect people like Dorothy.

The three people get back together and look up at the wreckage of the Turner home. Julian says that Leanne’s dead body hasn’t been found yet. Sean isn’t sure if the cult has tried to hide it. Dorothy does understand that Leanne is gone for good. She thinks they will be fine and can move on with their lives now. Dorothy thanks Sean for never giving up on her, and they get in the taxi together to start their new lives together.

Is Julian the Fallen Angel now?

Officer Reyes comes up to Julian in the last scene of the series. She says that Julian’s heart stopped and he died at Christmas. The drug addict came back to life when Leanne brought him back to life. Reyes thinks that Julian has been given a new purpose and a second chance. She says that Julian can join the Church whenever he is ready. We see cult members watching Julian on the street. Just like Leanne, Julian is now being followed.

Julian looks at himself in the window of the shop. He turns around and sees angel wings behind him and a painting of a bird across the street. The wings were just a trick, but they could also be a sign. Julian realises that he is now the Fallen Angel, the one who made a deal with the devil. In a funny twist, it seems that Julian has taken Leanne’s place.

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