On FBI: Most Wanted: What Shocking News Did Remy Hear?

On FBI: Most Wanted: What Shocking News Did Remy Hear? On FBI: Most Wanted, Remy Scott just got some bad news that may make him question why he became an agent in the first place. It will also make him remember some very painful things from his past.

Fans of FBI: Most Wanted know that when Remy’s younger brother Mikey went missing and was later found dead, his life was changed forever. Larry Michael Davis (Julian Rozzell Jr.) had talked to the FBI, and Remy thought the man killed Mikey when the FBI closed in on him. That made Remy want to join the agency himself.

In the most recent episode, “Black Mirror,” Remy found out that Davis could get out of jail because his cancer was getting worse. Remy told the board that Davis was a bad person who deserved to die in prison, so he was happy when they denied his parole. Remy was short-tempered with the rest of the team when they were looking for two missing teens.

On FBI: Most Wanted: What Shocking News Did Remy Hear?
Dylan McDermott

At the end of the episode, Remy was at home when a documentary filmmaker stopped by. He told Remy that a legal rights group was trying to get Davis a new trial. She said that the prosecutor had hidden evidence that would have shown Davis was innocent, and that the man had a history of going after innocent African-American suspects. She wanted to make a movie about Davis being set free and thought Remy could help.

Remy was angry and told the woman that he was sure Davis was guilty. He then kicked her out of his apartment. Still, her words kept coming back to him when he thought Davis might be set free.

On FBI: Most Wanted: What Shocking News Did Remy Hear?

Dylan McDermott told TV Insider that this news hurts Remy and doesn’t want to help the guy get out of jail.

In my estimation — I may be wrong — I don’t think there is anything. I think he wants no part of this. He wants to put this to bed. He doesn’t want to deal with it. He can’t believe it. He’s in denial about it. He’s furious. I don’t think he wants to participate.

McDermott talked about how this will upset Remy, who has spent his whole FBI career trying to get justice for his brother’s killer. Now, he might still be out there.

McDermott said that this subplot might not come back for a while, but it will follow Remy on his cases. Remy is still sure Davis did it, but this lingering doubt could be a factor in future cases.

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