Is Caitlin Really Dead On The Flash? (Who Is Khione?)

Is Caitlin Really Dead On The Flash? The first episode of season 9 of The Flash, “Groundhog’s Day,” was funny and brought Westallen closer together. Episode 2, “Hear No Evil,” was more serious and showed that Caitlin had been replaced by a new character who looked like her.

Caitlin was last seen in season 8, when she tried again to find a way to bring her sister Frost back from the dead after Barry had ruined her first attempt. With the help of Frost’s boyfriend, Mark, she was able to make the machine she needed to bring back her other half.

But the machine didn’t bring Frost back to life. Instead, it gave birth to a character who was first called Snow. Mark said that in the process, he killed Caitlin. Is she really gone, though? What we know is as follows.

Is Caitlin Really Dead On The Flash
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Is Caitlin Really Dead On The Flash?

At least for the moment, yes. In a TVLine interview, actress Danielle Panabaker said the following:

I will say that it was surprising for me, especially so fresh on the heels of losing Frost…Due to the fact that all of a sudden, our episode order got reduced and we had such a shorter season, I do think everyone’s sort of forced to grieve Caitlin quickly.

But people who like this world know that no one is ever really gone. “I do like to joke that nobody’s ever really dead on these shows,” says Panabaker.

So we might see Caitlin again in season 9, though we don’t know if that will be in the present or in flashbacks. In the meantime, we’ll learn more about Khione, who at the beginning of the episode called herself “Snow.”

Who Is Khione?

Caitlin’s father gave Khione his name. In the past, he tried to find a way to make Caitlin immune to ALS. Instead, he made a split personality, who would later become Frost. He let the girls decide how they would live in the world, and for most of Caitlin’s life, that meant she did things without her sister’s help until her powers started to show.

Caitlin knew that only one person would come out of the machine when she went in. She decided that she would try to bring her sister back. Khione was born instead, and now it’s her turn to grow up and become her own person, not a stand-in for Caitlin or Frost.

She is very different from what I thought she would be. Khione is calm and has a lot of empathy. She is willing to talk about hard topics and accepts people as they are. She can also give good advice and be someone to listen without judging. She might also be able to control water or wind, but we’ll have to wait and see if that’s important to the story.

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