Izuku Midoriya As Deku: My Hero Academia

Izuku Midoriya As Deku: My Hero Academia: Izuku Midoriya is a student at Class 1-AatUA Academy. He is also known as Deku. In these stories, he is the main character.

Even though he was born without a Quirk, he gets the attention of the legendary hero All Might and becomes his close student and student at UA Academy. This makes him the ninth person to use the One For All Quirk.

Izuku Midoriya As Deku: My Hero Academia

Izuku is a young man who is polite and calm. Also, when he was younger, he was very shy because he had been picked on because he didn’t have a Quirk since he was a child, especially in front of Katsuki Bakugo. At first, he makes him look uncertain, shy, and not very expressive. But since he got into UA Academy and faced Bakugo during combat training, he has become more sure of himself and brave, to the point where he is learning how to be a leader.

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Midoriya is also a hard worker with a strong will. Since he thinks heroes are great and has wanted to be one since he was a child, he writes everything he knows about heroes, including other UA students, in his notebook.

Because of this, Izuku has a great analytical mind and can make complex plans in a very short amount of time. He often uses the Quirks of his allies to put these plans into action. This also helps him find ways to fight back against the Gifts his opponents use. Izuku also has a tendency to think too much about anything that gets his attention, which makes him mutter all the time (which tends to annoy people around him quite a bit).

Izuku cares a lot about other people and will always try to help them, even if he knows he isn’t strong enough. He does this on a whim a lot of the time, without much thought. Izuku is also kind enough to try to help people with their personal and emotional problems, even if they have nothing to do with him. He says that a hero is someone who gets involved in other people’s lives. People know that Izuku is a hero because he has won the loyalty and thanks of characters who were once against him, like Tenya Iida, Shoto Todoroki, Kota Izumi, etc.

All Might, the “Symbol of Peace,” has had the biggest effect on Izuku’s life. Most of Izuku’s goals and beliefs have been shaped by the number one hero since he was a child. Many of Izuku’s decisions and actions are based on his desire to be a hero like All Might. He is very devoted to All Might, to the point where he collects figurines and posters of the hero and tries to look like him in some ways.

Since he inherited his Quirk, one of Izuku’s current goals is to live up to his idol’s legacy. He is always looking for ways to improve his use of One For All because he is aware of how much pressure is being put on the Quirk.

Izuku seems to have a bold, fiery side that often comes out when he is fighting. This part of him makes him act more like Katsuki, who is strong and won’t give up. He also has a strong desire to win. When he is like this, he even made fun of Katsuki when they fought. He says this is because Katsuki is the perfect example of what a person who wants to win should be like. He has also said that he doesn’t like this part of himself and tries to keep it under control.

Izuku is also a very emotional boy who often lets his feelings get the best of him. Because of this, he has let himself be upset many times. When Hitoshi Shinso insulted Ojiro, Izuku let himself be provoked and responded right away, even though he had been told not to use his Quirk. When he reacts, he is usually very careless and doesn’t think about how his actions will affect him. As a result, he almost always hurts himself and gets very hurt.

After everything that happened in the Paranormal Liberation War, Izuku decides to stay away from his friends and family so that he doesn’t put them in danger and so that Tomura Shigaraki and All For One don’t attack them. His personality changed a lot, and he became a much more mature and serious person.

Izuku is also very compassionate, and he has grown to want to understand the bad guys he’s met and maybe save them from themselves, even though people around him tell him that’s not possible. At first, he thought Tomura was just a crazy person who wanted to hurt people for no reason. However, when he found out about Tomura’s tragic past and felt his pain by connecting the One For All with the All For One, this gave him new energy. his idea that a hero saves lives instead of taking them. This is why he wants to know how they turned into bad guys. He wants to avoid any possible problems.

Izuku slowly becomes colder and more distant after the war, when he saw many innocent people whose lives were ruined by society, when All For One went after him because of his quirk, and when he had to protect other people. He runs straight into battles, leaving All Might and the other Heroes behind so they don’t get hurt, because the weight and stress on his shoulders are too much. Because of this and how serious he is, many people can tell that he doesn’t think of himself as a hero.

Izuku Midoriya is a 16-year-old boy with green eyes, freckles, and messy green hair. He is of average height. Because he trains with All Might, he is thin but has a toned body. He usually wears a black jacket with yellow buttons, black pants, and big red shoes with black laces tied in a bow and white soles.

alpha suit

Midoriya’s first hero suit is a full-body spring green one with white details. A red belt, boots, black elbow and knee pads, and white gloves are also included. On the back of his head, he has two holes for his eyes and two long ear-shaped protrusions that look like All Might’s haircut, but he doesn’t always wear them. He wears a mask around his neck with a big smile.

Beta Suit

After the damage from his fight with Bakugo was fixed, his suit got a darker colour, the white details turned black, and the skateboarding knee pads he had were replaced with ones that go from their thighs to just above their ankles. The old mask, which looked like a smile, was changed to one with holes for breathing that still looks like a smile.

During the USJ Showdown arc, Izuku wears his gym clothes while his suit is being fixed. He wears a blue tracksuit with thick white lines that form the letters “UA” on his upper body and legs.

After his fight with Shoto Todoroki, Izuku got scars on his hand. Later, when he used the 1,000,000% Detroit Smash attack against Muscular on the School Trip, he got scars all over his right arm.

Gamma Suit

In the story arc “Provisional Hero License Exam,” he goes to Mei Hatsume to see if she can improve her outfit. When he realises that she can make better use of her legs, he asks Mei to make a few changes, like giving her legs iron soles. his boots, make his gloves longer, and put some braces on them to help absorb shock and damage.

Later, during the Cultural Festival arc, Mei Hatsume makes new mechanical gloves that are stronger than the old ones and let her use the Delaware Smash Air Force technique more effectively without hurting her fingers.

vigilante outfit

After the Paranormal Liberation War, his suit was broken, so he wore the Gran Torino cloak as a tribute to his old teacher, Nana Shimura, who had died. Since her bracers and gloves were broken, she used four half gauntlets and his old beta suit gloves to protect her arms and legs. Deku also hid behind his mask more often to hide who he was. The shadows on his pupils, which make his green eyes the only thing you can see when he wears the mask, are something that makes him stand out. This thing that shows up looks a lot like All Might, whose blue eyes shine through the darkness.

Zeta Suit

After Deku went back to AU, he gave Mei his broken suit. The suit got new designs and arrangements. The white parts got a golden yellow colour change, the green got a little darker, the gauntlets on the arms and legs stayed, and Hatsume gave him battle-damaged bracers and gloves that had already been fixed. Deku still had the cape from the Gran Torino. During the Second Paranormal Liberation War, he started to wear this outfit.

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