Did Alden Die On The Walking Dead?

Did Alden Die On The Walking Dead? The Walking Dead season 11, episode 9, “No Other Way,” was shown for the first time on February 20, 2022. It was a great way to start the second half of the last season. In this episode, many Reapers died because Maggie (Lauren Cohan) killed many of them. But the death of someone else was a little more sad than that of the Reapers.

Alden got hurt during a fight with a Reaper in the season 11 episode “Hunted.” Maggie and Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) got him to safety in a church along the way, but his injury slowed them down, and Maggie could tell that Negan wanted to leave him behind. Alden agrees with them that this is the best choice.

Alden was thinking about his son Adam back in Alexandria and all the other people who would benefit from the supplies Meridian could give them. His injuries only made it take longer for these supplies to get to him.

Did Alden Die On The Walking Dead?

Callan McAuliffe played Alden from the eighth season until his death in the eleventh. He became a Savior at the Satellite Outpost with the group that gave up to the Militia. He and the others were taken to Hilltop and put in prison there.

Ultimately, Alden would go up to Maggie and ask to join her group. Maggie didn’t want to let him join Hilltop at first, but she later saw that he really did want to change, so she slowly let him join. He would help the group and eventually take Adam in as his own son.

McAuliffe told Insider that Alden’s death wasn’t as simple as it seemed in an interview. In this episode, Maggie returns to the church to find out what happened to him. She found his body crawling on the ground. It had come back to life. As she kneeled down and stabbed him in the head to end his pain, it was a sad scene. (the scene can be seen here)

McAuliffe would tell the truth about what Alden’s family went through. Alden’s reanimated body didn’t make much noise because, as it turned out, his throat had been cut by the Reapers during a fight. He was also seen crawling across the floor because the Reapers had broken his legs.

Alden didn’t just die of starvation or bleed out from his wounds. The Reapers beat him up. This shows that Maggie did the right thing when she killed the last two Reapers. At least one of them saw a man who was already hurt and then broke his legs and cut his throat.

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