Is the book Dear Edward Based On A True Story?

Is the book Dear Edward Based On A True Story? On February 3, 2023, Dear Edward will be the first show on Apple TV+. In the ten episodes, a 12-year-old boy is the only person to survive a plane crash. Some questions have been raised about the release of the series, such as whether or not it is based on a true story and what the story is about. Find out everything you need to know about Dear Edward below.

The Dial Press put out the book Dear Edward on January 6, 2020. This was the third book by Ann Napolitano. It went straight to number two on The New York Times Best Seller list. Apple TV said in February 2022 that it would buy the book and turn it into a series. Dear Edward Season 1 Episode 1 – 3 Release Date

The Apple TV+ show stars Connie Britton, Colin O’Brien, and Taylor Schilling. It was made by the same people who made Friday Night Lights and Parenthood. It will start on February 3, 2023, with three episodes. From then until March 24, 2023, there will be seven episodes.

Is the book Dear Edward Based On A True Story?

It depends. The story of Dear Edward is partly based on the crash of Airways Flight 771, which killed everyone on board except for a 9-year-old boy named Ruben Van Assouw. In several interviews, writer Ann Napolitano has said that she wanted to write the book to make him feel better.

How old Is Edward In Dear Edward?

Even though the crash happened when Edward was only nine years old, he is 12 in the book. After the crash, Edward has to deal with grief, the press, and life in general. This is what the book is about.

What Is The Story Dear Edward About?

The Afriqiyah Airways Flight 771 crashed on May 12, 2010, as it was going to Libya. There were a total of 104 people on the flight: 93 passengers from 12 different countries and 11 crew members. Sad to say, everyone on the plane died except a 9-year-old boy named Ruben Van Assouw. The story inspired Ann Napolitano to write Dear Edward, which is about a 12-year-old boy who lost his parents and brother in a plane crash. The book is about how he is trying to grow up without them and figure out how to live after the crash. Throughout the book, Edward asks himself many questions, such as how to live when you lose everything.

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