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How Old Is Salma Hayek’s Daughter?

How Old Is Salma Hayek’s Daughter? Salma Hayek and Valentina Pinault embody the most intimate view of the relationship between mother and daughter. Both, for the first time in an interview, share an endearing conversation with the actress, Irene Azuela, while the family bond materializes in the photographs for the cover of Vogue in its May 2022 edition.

How Old Is Salma Hayek’s Daughter?

Valentina Pinault the daughter of Salma Hayek born on 21 September 2007 at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, California. She is now 14 years old.

On September 21, 2007, she gave birth in a Los Angeles hospital to a girl whom she christened Valentina Paloma Pinault-Hayekel, daughter of French businessman François-Henri Pinault, president of the luxury goods and distribution group Pinault. -Printemps-Redoute (PPR).

In September 2008, Salma announced the cancellation of her 16-month engagement and wedding plans, although, on February 14, 2009, they were married civilly in Paris. The religious wedding was held on April 26, 2009, at the Palazzo Grassi in Venice.

Motherhood is the window through which Salma Hayek invites us to peek into the fragments of a story of complicity with Valentina.

Together they tell a story as authentic as themselves, in which they talk about their experience posing for this cover; their relationship with fashion and the garments they share between wardrobes; makeup; _ the language they use when they need to strengthen their unity; of the change in the discipline that a woman requires to resume her work when she becomes a mother —and the disparity of concerns that come before and after it—; as well as the solidarity and illusions that exist in the future of a teenager who has seen her mother succeed under the flashes of Hollywood.

Dialogue arises naturally, between friends who build their relationship based on mutual learning that is born from an unparalleled bond. In the words of the Mexican actress, one in which ‘the family always comes to the fore’.

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