FBI International Season 1 Episode 18 Cast Review | FBI International On These Waters Cast Review

FBI International Season 1 Episode 17

An American cruise ship is kidnapped. The team is sent to save passengers. Forrester is dealing with his trust issues. The Spencers hear gunshots and the couple goes outside to see if it is the locals. A man is shooting at the vine containers. When Daniel yells at him the man shoots him dead in front of Shannon. Interpool suspects a terrorist group is involved.

Scott and his crew were aware that Daniel’s family was receiving threats from the community so they have been looking into it. Scott and his crew were aware that Daniel’s family was receiving threats from the community. Scott and Camerson to too interview the CRAV terrorist chief. While they are talking someone sneaks in a phone and is recording their conversation. Scott sees this and chases the man, they get into a fight and he tried to cut Scott, cut Cameron’s steps in, and he was apprehended. The CRAV chief informed them both that they do not murder people.

FBI International Season 1 Episode 18 Review

Cameron goes through Guillaune and Henry’s phones and finds a common contact by the name of Tristan, who was a member of CRAV but was kicked out because of his radical style. They are able to track Tristan’s location and he was headed to Daniel’s widows, Shannon’s.

Where Jamie and she were packing to securely get Shannon away. Scott tried to warn Jamie about Tristan, but it was too late. Thankfully Jamie knocked Tristan out and arrested him.

Andre got Tristan’s phone and it turns out he had been in contact with Henry for some time. Andre sent a text to Henry’s phone asking him for money trying to get Henry out of hiding, but Henry’s wife Amanda showed up with the money. Scott manages to get the truth from Amanda who told him Henry was going to scare Daniel through Tristan so they would leave the country. Henry never wanted Tristan to shoot Daniel. That was all Tristan.

Scott goes to Budapest to meet Sara again and to give her his undivided attention. He turns his phone off.

FBI International Season 1 Episode 18 Cast

Luke Kleintank. Special Agent Scott Forrester.
Heida Reed. Special Agent Jamie Kellett.
Carter Redwood. Special Agent Andre Raines.
Vinessa Vidotto. Special Agent Cameron Vo.
Christiane Paul. Europol Agent Katrin Jaeger.
Nick Boraine. Leon Bauer. Guest Star.
Stephen Plunkett. Agent Tomas Richter. …
Katalin Ruzsik. Sara Molnár.

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