Fire Emblem Engage Review Embargo Date

Fire Emblem Engage Review Embargo Date: There is a review embargo date set for when final impressions of Fire Emblem Engage will be released, but previews are out there, and fans should be pumped.

Pre-orders for Fire Emblem Engage are now live in the Nintendo eShop ahead of its January 20 release. Pre-order bonuses for physical versions vary from retailer to retailer and can include tarot cards, posters, and badges.

Fans may pre-order the game now, and those on the fence about purchasing the latest instalment can rest assured that total reviews will be made available before the game’s official release.

Fire Emblem Engage Review Embargo Date

Fire Emblem Engage Review Embargo Date

Fire Emblem Engage can’t be reviewed until January 17th.

The above is true because Metacritic on Twitter said so. They also say final opinions will be posted at 6:00 PT, 9:00 ET, and 14:00 GMT.

At the time of writing, there are no reviews for the game, but the series has always been very well-liked. Fire Emblem Three Heroes has a Metacritic score of 89, and fans are hoping that Engage will do as well, if not better.

Even though it doesn’t come out for a few more days, there are already a lot of leaks online. On ResetEra, you can find a thread of leaks, but be careful because they contain a lot of spoilers.

Even though Fire Emblem Engage doesn’t have any reviews yet, a few previews give exciting hints about what’s to come.

After playing it for three hours, Polygon talked about what they thought of the game. They said that turn-based combat is exciting, but the social side is missing. In terms of the social aspect, Polygon noted that the game “returns to the traditional formula of recruiting new soldiers as you travel the world map.” This differs from Three Heroes, where you could teach, train, and fall in love with your students.

Euorgamer also called the game “a proud celebration of everything that came before it.” It’s not clear if the game’s story is better than Three Heroes, but Eurogamer said that the game’s combat is exciting and that it “never relies on nostalgia to stay interesting,” even though faces and names from older games are back, but they haven’t been translated yet.

IGN called it a loving tribute to the series and said it “could be one of the best Fire Emblem games you can play today.” Remember that these previews are based on a few hours with the game, not the whole thing.

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