Did Cardi B Poop On Herself?

Did Cardi B Poop On Herself? Several people believe that Cardi B was filmed urinating on herself after a feces stain was cut into the footage.

Cardi B’s latest video has gone viral again, thanks to the internet’s ability to make you believe things that aren’t true.

Although the video was originally posted two years ago, it has reappeared with the release of new music by Cardi B.

Cardi may be seen walking to the stage for an event in a video shared by a YouTube user named ‘The 5 percent ‘.

A stain can be seen on the singer’s shirt as she turns to face the camera while greeting the crowd. “OMG!! “, read the videos’ titles on YouTube. Mistakenly, Cardi B poops on herself. Everyone appeared confident that the title was correct. It was not surprising.

Cardi attempts to sit down on a chair and appears to be uncomfortable, which helps to sell the scene. It has been viewed millions of times, with many thinking the video’s headline accurate.

Did Cardi B Poop On Herself

MuchDank, a YouTube user, originally posted the video. MuchDank, which has more than one million subscribers on YouTube, frequently alters videos of celebrities to make them more credible to others who have never seen them before.

One of them was the Cardi video. MuchDank made the original video in August 2019, but the YouTube Shorts version is gaining traction now.

He has worked on a number of other projects in addition to this one. He has edited a number of other clips of the singer, as well as clips of other celebrities while experimenting with various effects.

On her upcoming single Hot Sh*t, Cardi B will be joined by Kanye West and Lil Durk. It had been shared on Instagram by the singer.

On July 1, the song will be released. Cardi had been teasing the new song for some time prior to revealing its release date. There is a lot of excitement now among the singer’s followers as they anticipate what the future holds for her.

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