Netflix's penultimate season of its biggest hit will be split in two.

Adjusts its budget to "unlimited" and spends a month teasing out the grand ending.

Stranger Things volume 2 has two great episodes. The nearly four hours of TV generally succeed, luckily. 

"The Piggyback" is a cathartic, action-packed Stranger Things ending.

Unlike previous seasons' finales, this one raises questions.

"The Piggyback" sets up Stranger Things' final season as it ends this one. 

Stranger Things gets worse In the four weeks between season 4's first and second volumes, various hypotheses surrounded Vecna.

We believed a handful of them. Nobody knew Vecna's strategy. Based on his talk to Eleven in episode 7, he seemed interested in generic evil. Episode 9's interaction between One and Eleven reveals what he wants. 

Vecna's purpose is to unleash evil on an unsuspecting planet, but his technique is deliberate. Some fans (myself) were bewildered by Vecna's goal to rule the real world by killing three people every decade. He needs to murder four.