Will You End With Joe Goldberg’s Death? (Netflix)

Will You End With Joe Goldberg’s Death? The first half of Season 4 of You on Netflix is now available. It must end at some point, but what will that end be? Will it happen when Joe dies?

There was a time when it seemed like You wouldn’t last more than one season. Then Netflix came to the rescue, and now we’re on Season 4! The first five episodes have been released, and they show us Joe Goldberg in a slightly different way. He is a man who wants to be forgiven.

That could be because he wants to stay alive or because he wants to make things right. It could be explained in the March episodes, or it could be something we don’t find out until the end.

When will it all be over? It looks like Season 5 might be the last, but does that mean Joe Goldberg will no longer be in the show?

Will You End With Joe Goldberg’s Death? (Netflix)

Sera Gamble has given us four seasons of this great show so far. She won’t say whether Joe Goldberg will die or not in the end, but she has talked about it with her team and even Penn Badgley.

This is a show about a bad guy who does bad things. It came out at the height of the #MeToo movement, and now a lot of men have to fight for redemption in real life. Joe is on that journey right now. Is it for nothing but good?

As a TV show, Gamble knows she has to help Joe’s victims get justice. She talked about this with The Hollywood Reporter. She said that everyone is talking about what justice means right now. Is Joe’s death fair? Is it him who will go to jail for the crimes he has done? Is it being alone and having no one to talk to? What would be the worst for him?

One of the things people didn’t like about the end of Gossip Girl was that Dan, played by Penn Badgley, didn’t get punished for his website. Could you tell Joe Goldberg what he did wrong? It seems to be the case.

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