Why Did Song Joong Ki And Song Hye Kyo Divorce After Epic Romance?

Why Did Song Joong Ki And Song Hye Kyo Divorce After Epic Romance? Maddy and Kara set a trap to catch the real double agent because Angelis’s files only have the codename “Dorian”, and they assume it’s Adam. Kara says it couldn’t have been Adam because he was with her when her men were killed so he couldn’t have done it. Kara tells Irina Belova what she knows about the kompromat, and then Irina means the next person in the chain. The idea is that Dorian will put himself in danger to get the info.

So, Maddy has to sneak into the meeting Angelis has called in the Commons Intelligence Committee. Patrick is leaving the hearing when she gets there, and they happen to run into each other. He tries to take the papers she is carrying, which is a pretty clear sign that he is Dorian. Maddy realises that Patrick is Dorian.

Why Did Song Joong Ki And Song Hye Kyo Divorce After Epic Romance

Maddy stops Angelis as he leaves to tell him that he killed the wrong person and that Patrick is Dorian. She uses the hard drive to stab him in the throat and then leaves him for Kara to get. She takes the papers to the hearing after that. Gratz uses the chance to show that Angelis is trying to blackmail him and starts to clear Adam’s name.

Why Did Song Joong Ki And Song Hye Kyo Divorce After Epic Romance?

After a dreamy love story, it was said that Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo broke up because their personalities were too different. The couple, who got married in October 2017, broke up in 2019 when Song Joong Ki told Hye Kyo that he had filed for a divorce.

Later, Song Hye Kyo gave a short explanation of why the couple decided to get a divorce through her agency. She said, “It’s because we have different personalities.”

Fans still can’t get over how cute Joong Ki and Hye Kyo’s relationship was. The couple’s relationship was like a whirlwind. It started with rumours that they were dating and ended with an unexpected marriage announcement and a heartbreaking breakup. Here, we tell their epic love story, beginning with the movie Descendants of the Sun.

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