Why Did Jennifer Lopez And Alex Rodriguez Break Up

Why Did Jennifer Lopez And Alex Rodriguez Break Up

It’s being confirmed by the couple Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez are over, so Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez are now confirming to today show that they’ve ended their relationship and this is what they said we have realized we are better as friends and look forward to remaining so we will continue to work together and support each other on our shared businesses and projects we wish the best for each other and each other’s children.

So it was only a few weeks ago that we were reporting that JLo and a-rod had split for multiple reasons not necessarily because of the whole southern charm star rumor about Alex and her allegedly canoodling but from what I’m hearing one of the reasons why they came out and said no we haven’t broken up but we’re working through things the last time, we broke this story was because of all of the businesses that they have together and that took some time to figure out according to a source the scandal with Madison Lacroix was the reason why they broke up.

Jennifer Lopez is fueling speculation that she and Alex Rodriguez are still on the rocks after she was spotted going engagement ring-less down in the Dominican.

After weeks of speculation as to whether JLo and ARod are still going strong amid their breakup-turned-reconciliation last month, she didn’t seem to hide the fact that her $1.8 million dollar engagement ring was M.I.A. from her recent photos.

 While filming her upcoming movie Shotgun Wedding down in the Dominican Republic, fans were
quick to notice the lack of bling in a series of photos she shared that clearly showcased her bare ring finger.

  JLo captioned the photo QUOTE, “Keep calm and work on the weekend,” making it clear
that her missing ring could very much be due to the fact that she’s filming a movie and, well, let’s face it: that massive skating rink is distracting, to say the least.

 A source recently dished to People that she and ARod are working on their relationship following news that they called off their two-year engagement just last month, saying QUOTE, “Although Jennifer has been filming, she has been able to spend time with Alex too. It has been great for them to spend time in

The insider added that although they have yet to set a wedding date, QUOTE, “They both seem much happier. They are taking things slowly though. They still have a lot to figure out before their relationship is great again.”

 As many fans know, JLo and ARod’s love story was thrown a major curveball when the two reportedly called off their engagement following rumors that ARod cheated on JLo with Southern Charm star Madison LeCroy.

A day after their alleged split, both JLo and ARod released a statement confirming that they were both still very much together, but just like any relationship, there were some issues they were trying to work through.

The statement read QUOTE, “All the reports are inaccurate. We are working through some things.”

JLo’s last photo she posted of ARod was back in February, as she had reportedly already been having doubts about them when a friend of hers told People QUOTE, “She’s been contemplating breaking up with Alex for six months.”

Another source revealed to that she had been hesitant of his cheating past for quite some time, adding, “Jennifer’s friends for a long time had warned her that ARod was not a good guy and that he was using her to clean up his tarnished image after his many scandals. For years, Jennifer did not listen to the
warnings, but now she believes them.”

They are now reportedly taking steps to mend their relationship, as another insider explained that ARod “remains committed to working on things with JLo.”

So it could very much be that JLo doesn’t wear her ring while working, but it seems these two have a lot to work through.

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