Who Is Jeffree Star Boyfriend?

Who Is Jeffree Star Boyfriend: The YouTube star and American socialite Jeffree Star is always in the news. The former singer-songwriter tried to stay out of the spotlight for a while, but that didn’t last very long. Star just posted a picture of himself with his “NFL boo,” which has blown up the internet.

Star’s “NFL boo” hasn’t been named yet, but you can bet that the internet will find out.

This time might be a little harder, since Star’s “NFL boo” doesn’t have any hand tattoos that can be seen. Fans of the YouTuber who has made millions of dollars are already making guesses in the comments section and working hard to figure out who the mystery man is.

Who Is Jeffree Star?

Jeffree Star is an American who posts videos on YouTube, does makeup, and used to be a singer and songwriter. He is known for his flashy looks, his androgynous sense of style, and his fights with famous people.

Star first became well-known because he had one of the most popular MySpace accounts back when it was still a thing. He used the app to talk to his fans, people who liked him, and other creative people. Star also used MySpace to help his music and fashion design careers.

After getting a lot of attention on MySpace, Star started his music career as a solo artist. He played more pop and electronic music, went on tour, and put out his own songs. Early in his career, he became a hot topic. In 2010, he signed with Akon’s Konvict Muzik label. Star’s music never took off the way he thought it would when he signed with Konvict Muzik, and he quit making music in 2013.

Since then, Star has spent all his time on YouTube, with more than 17 million subscribers. His channel has videos that promote Jeffree Star Cosmetics, the makeup brand he sells online. Star has made a lot of money from his YouTube channel through ads and other ventures. So you can be sure he won’t be leaving any time soon.

Who Is Jeffree Star Boyfriend?

Jeffree Star has been in a relationship with at least one well-known athlete. We’re talking about the relationship with basketball player Andre Marhold, who is from the United States.

In 2020, Marhold and Star dated for a while. Their relationship began the same way that Star’s relationship with his current “NFL Boo” did. The famous YouTuber and socialite posted a photo of him and Marhold with Star sitting on his lap. The fans then used the unique tattoos they saw to figure out who Marhold was.

After the date, both of them were more open about their relationship and showed up together on social media more often. But it looks like the two of them have broken up and gone their separate ways.

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