Who Does Kitty End Up With In Xo Kitty?

Who Does Kitty End Up With In Xo Kitty? Netflix’s latest sensation, XO, Kitty, a spin-off to the much-beloved “To All the Boys” film franchise, has the fans hooked and intrigued. This Jenny Han creation follows the teenage life of Kitty Song Covey, reprised brilliantly by Anna Cathcart, as she navigates her way through love, loss, and long-distance relationships in Korea.

A Stellar Cast in “XO, Kitty”

The vibrant cast of the show includes the likes of Choi Min-yeong, Anthony Keyvan, Gia Kim, Sang Heon Lee, Peter Thurnwald, Regan Aliya, Yunjin Kim, Michael K. Lee, and Jocelyn Shelfo, adding to the intrigue and relatability of the show.

Season 1 Finale: Unraveling Relationships and Surprises

Warning: Major spoilers ahead!

The end of “XO, Kitty” season 1 left the viewers on a cliffhanger, clearly hinting at a possible second season. For those wary of spoilers, tread carefully beyond this point.

The Expulsion: Kitty’s Misstep at KISS

In a surprising turn of events, Kitty gets expelled from KISS, her Korean school, for breaking the dormitory rules. Despite her scholarship being at stake, she lands in hot water due to her reckless decisions. Will the season finale’s final scene, involving a plea from Yuri to her mother, the principal, provide Kitty another chance at KISS? Only time will tell.

The Birth Parents Revelation: Alex’s Journey

Alex, who is not related to Kitty contrary to previous speculations, discovers the identity of his birth parents. He learns that Principal Lim and Professor Lee are his biological parents, which changes his relationship with Yuri, his newfound half-sister. This revelation comes as a shocker, driving a wedge between Yuri and Kitty.

The Love Triangles: Kitty’s Dilemmas

Kitty’s romantic relationships take numerous twists throughout the season. She doesn’t end up with either Dae, her boyfriend, or Yuri, whom she develops feelings for. Despite Dae’s hopes of reconciliation, Kitty stands her ground and breaks things off with him, creating a stir of emotions for the viewers.

Similarly, Kitty’s feelings for Yuri remain unexpressed, especially when she decides to conceal her emotions from Yuri at the airport due to Juliana’s unexpected appearance.

On the other hand, the bond between Kitty and Min Ho, which begins with an instant dislike, gradually transforms. Despite his efforts to suppress his feelings for Kitty, Min Ho confesses his love for her, leaving her shocked and silent.

Other Relationships: Q, Florian, Yuri, and Juliana

In another subplot, Q and Florian end up in a complicated relationship due to Florian’s academic dishonesty. However, they are not officially broken up by the end of the season, leaving room for future developments.

In contrast, Yuri and Juliana find happiness together, embracing at the airport after Yuri’s mother and Juliana’s parents accept their relationship.

The Mysterious “Simon”

As the season ends, a mystery man named “Simon” mentioned in an old letter from Kitty’s mother to Principal Lim piques Kitty’s curiosity. Who this elusive character is remains a mystery, one that fans hope will be revealed in a potential second season of XO, Kitty.

Stream the captivating and emotion-filled journey of Kitty Song Covey in “XO, Kitty,” available now on Netflix.

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