Who Are the Mummies On The Masked Singer?

Who Are the Mummies On The Masked Singer? Here’s the sad tale of three Mummies from this season of The Masked Singer, each of whom only sang once.

The Mummies debuted on the October 5 episode of the mystery celebrity singing competition, where they sang the Monkees’ theme song.

Who Are the Mummies On The Masked Singer?

The Mummies and the Fortune Teller both took the stage in an attempt to send Harp, who had emerged victorious in the first two episodes, home, but instead, they were the ones who were revealed.

Brady Bunch’s Barry Williams, Christopher Knight, and Mike Lookinland played the mummies, while Shark Tank’s Daymond John played the fortune teller.

Who Is Fortune Teller On Masked Singer?

Barry Williams

When I finally got this call, I couldn’t contain my enthusiasm. I knew Chris would need some encouragement, but I believed it would be an excellent opportunity for us.

This is not necessarily his happy place. He was a genuine soldier for joining the group, and Michael Lookinland and I provided him a lot of moral support and encouragement when he stepped in to round out the three.

Mike Lookinland

I’ll second what Barry said and add that it was shocking to get the call to go on the show, given its enormous popularity.

It made me really happy. To add to what Barry mentioned, Chris stood up and carried his weight, and singing and dancing are more of a Barry Williams and Mike Lookinland thing, not so much a Chris Knight thing. Everybody has their own unique abilities. Nonetheless, he accomplished his goal. We found him to be competent.

Christopher Knight

I much appreciate your help. My entire life has been devoted to being an unmasked singer, which has likely left me emotionally scarred regarding music. However, there is a little Brady in this: it was a family, at least part of it, a unified group. When I saw that Barry and Mike were both very excited about the opportunity, I found myself in a position where I couldn’t deny them that opportunity. Indeed, by the end, we were having a blast.

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