Where Is Travis Alexander Buried? | What Happened To Travis Alexander?

In 2008, Travis Alexander was brutally killed by his ex-girlfriend Jodi Arias in Mesa, Arizona. Fans of the true-crime series Dateline: Secrets Uncovered have been itching to find out more about the murder of Travis Alexander in Arizona since the news for the episode probing the case was released.

On July 28, 1977, Travis Alexander entered this world in Riverside, California. Gary David Alexander Sr. and Pamela Elizabeth Morgan Alexander M. were his parents.

The former occupations of Alexander is a motivational speaker and marketer for Pre-Paid Legal Services (PPL). When we last saw Travis, he lived in his apartment in Mesa, Arizona. Travis began seeing Jodi Arias, whom he met in September 2006. At the time, Travis was 29, and Jodi was 26.

At first, their romantic relationship seemed ideal, but five months in, Jodi apparently became obsessed with Travis, leading to their split. The two continued to see each other and have sexual encounters after their relationship had ended.

What Happened To Travis Alexander?

The murder of Travis Alexander by his obsessed ex-girlfriend Jodi Arias is still one of the most disturbing crimes in Arizona. The body of American businessman Travis, 30 at the time of his death on June 4, 2008, was discovered in his Mesa home. While the murder’s motivation may not be surprising, the extreme savagery displayed is sure to frighten even seasoned readers of true crime.

The investigation into Travis Alexander’s death was met with much interest because of the unusual circumstances surrounding his passing. He had a bullet hole in his skull and had been stabbed 27 times. His throat had also been slashed.

Where Is Travis Alexander Buried?

The cause of Alexander’s death was determined to be a homicide. He was laid to rest in the Olivewood Memorial Park cemetery located in Riverside.

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