Where Is Fly Away With Me Filmed?

Where Is Fly Away With Me Filmed? Fly away with me is a Hallmark movie that had its world premiere on September 24, 2022, at 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time (ET). Natalie Hall and Peter Mooney feature in the film as the primary protagonists, Angie and Ted.

The plot moves forward as a kind of relationship between them develops mutually beneficial and gradually evolves into a lovely romance. This helps both of them.

After extensive apartment hunting, Angie finds the ideal spot to call home. The only drawback is the building’s no-pets policy. The tenants are under constant surveillance to ensure they are following the guidelines. That’s so heartless.

Yet a macaw, a type of parrot, flies to Angie’s. In her efforts to return the dog to its rightful owner, Angie is shocked to learn that her neighbor Ted also keeps a dog behind closed doors.

By taking care of Zoe’s puppy for a while, he’s genuinely helping his sister.

They form an alliance to protect each other from being outed and to maintain their double life with hidden pets.

You go, buddy! Trying to avoid their watchful neighbors and the cameras becomes an exciting enough adventure on its own.

Where Is Fly Away With Me Filmed?

Fly Away With Me takes place in a city with skyscrapers and green spaces.

Smack dab in the heart of all the action; everything is spotless and cutting edge. The movie establishes Chicago as the location of the protagonists’ primary residence.

Contrary to popular belief, Fly Away With Me was shot in Canada’s capital city of Ottawa, Ontario.

This is made abundantly clear by the fact that all of the planes in the film have tail numbers beginning with the letter C, which denotes Canada, whereas all aircraft flying in the United States have tail numbers starting with the letter N.

They had to go to several locations across the city for the different scenes. Apartment buildings were used as a setting for several of these as well.

While most of the film was shot on location, several sequences were created in Ottawa’s studios.

Ottawa is a popular location for filmmakers, so it’s no surprise that several Hallmark movies, including Christmas Cookies, The Holiday Calendar, and Hitched for the Holiday, were shot there.

In addition, several Hollywood films have been shot there, making the location famous. Films such as “Batman and Robin” (2009), “The Blackcoat’s Daughter” (2015), and “Penthouse North” are just a few examples (2013).

Ottawa: The city of Ottawa is widely regarded as a natural paradise.

Ottawa is a popular vacation spot because of its abundance of parks, beaches, and green spaces.

Ottawa’s economy has benefited from the influx of film crews, particularly in the tourism sector. Many people visiting at once help the local businesses thrive.

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