What song did Gina Miles sing in her blind audition for season 23 of The Voice?

Meet Gina Miles, the young starlet making waves on season 23 of “The Voice”. Originally from Paxton, Illinois, this 18-year-old talent has left a lasting impression since her riveting blind audition, where she sang Katy Perry’s ‘The One That Got Away’, securing her spot in Team Niall Horan. From performing a haunting rendition of ‘Wicked Game’ to her touching friendship with fellow contestant Kala Banham, Gina’s journey has been captivating. Her dedication is evident – from moving to Sacramento to focus on music, to releasing an EP in 2022. As she enters the semifinals, let’s delve into her unique story and bright future.

Who is Gina Miles from season 23 of The Voice?

Gina Miles is an emerging talent who gained widespread recognition on season 23 of “The Voice”. She has captivated audiences and judges alike with her strong, mature voice and compelling performances, making her one of the standout contestants of this season.

What song did Gina Miles sing in her blind audition for season 23 of The Voice?

In her blind audition for season 23 of “The Voice”, Gina Miles delivered a powerful rendition of Katy Perry’s song “The One That Got Away”. This performance earned her chair turns from two of the show’s coaches, Kelly Clarkson and Niall Horan, highlighting her potential from the very start.

Who was Gina Miles’ coach on The Voice?

After delivering an impressive blind audition, Gina Miles chose Niall Horan as her coach on “The Voice”. This decision has proven beneficial as she has grown tremendously as a performer under Horan’s guidance, securing her spot in the semifinals.

Where is Gina Miles originally from?

Gina Miles is originally from Paxton, Illinois. However, to pursue her musical aspirations more seriously, she moved to Sacramento to live with her aunt during her high school years, indicating her dedication and commitment to her craft.

What song did Gina Miles perform in the playoff round of The Voice season 23?

In the playoff round of season 23 of “The Voice”, Gina Miles gave an enchanting and unforgettable performance of Chris Isaac’s song ‘Wicked Game’. Her rendition was so compelling that it had one of the coaches, presumably Niall Horan, on his feet.

What is the title of Gina Miles’ 2022 EP?

Apart from her impressive journey on “The Voice”, Gina Miles has already ventured into the world of professional music. In 2022, she released her EP titled ‘Who Are You’, which consists of five tracks featuring her original music.

How old is Gina Miles from The Voice season 23?

Despite her mature voice and professional accomplishments, Gina Miles is still very young. As of her appearance on “The Voice” season 23, she is just 18 years old, demonstrating her potential for a promising future in the music industry.

Which team is Gina Miles on in The Voice season 23?

Throughout season 23 of “The Voice”, Gina Miles has been a part of Team Niall. Her consistent growth and strong performances have made her one of the key contenders in her team, and she’s often referred to as Niall Horan’s secret weapon.

Who is Kala Banham on The Voice?

Kala Banham is a fellow contestant on “The Voice” season 23. Gina Miles reportedly shares a close bond with her, even after competing against each other in a song battle on the show.

What song did Gina Miles and Kala Banham sing together on The Voice?

During a song battle on “The Voice”, Gina Miles and Kala Banham performed a duet of Bonny Iver’s ‘Skinny Love’. This performance was well-received, reflecting the harmonious dynamics between the two contestants.

How can I vote for Gina Miles on The Voice?

To show support for Gina Miles on “The Voice”, fans can vote for her using The Voice app. This enables her to advance further in the competition, potentially securing her spot in the show’s finale.

When will the finale of The Voice season 23 air?

The finale of season 23 of “The Voice” will air on Tuesday, May 23 at 9/8c on NBC. This episode will feature the final performances of the remaining contestants, including Gina Miles, and reveal the winner of this season.

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