What Is BLACKPINK Jisoo Youtube Channel Name?

What Is BLACKPINK Jisoo Youtube Channel Name? Jisoo of BLACKPINK now has her own YouTube channel where she posts daily vlogs. What is the name of her channel?

Fans have long been waiting for the singer to put out her first album, and now we know she will.

During this time, Jisoo shocked her fans by telling them that she had started her YouTube channel.

What Is BLACKPINK Jisoo Youtube Channel Name?

Jisoo has a YouTube account called @sooyaaa__. You can also look for her channel on YouTube by typing “행복지수 103%,” or you can go straight to it by clicking HERE.

The singer just posted her first post, a video blog about her trip to London. In it, she takes her fans along with her to show them her journey.

Fans are excited to see what else she has to offer after the surprise channel reveal on her birthday.

There’s no doubt that the singer’s fans will feel closer to her as she shares small details about her busy life on the channel.

Aside from being a fantastic vocalist, Jisoo has proven herself a tremendous actress, as any BLACKPINK fan can attest. Over the past couple of years, Jisoo has been on many shows and won many people’s hearts.

Snowdrop, a Korean drama that came out in 2021, gave her her first lead role. The show did well, and people fell even more in love with her.

We are still determining what she will do as an actress in 2023, but we hope to see more of her on screen.

Since the rest of BLACKPINK has already released albums, fans have patiently waited for the singer to do the same.

Jisoo has finally announced that this year will see the release of her highly anticipated first album. She has not yet disclosed the exact date, but she has asked supporters to be patient because she will soon release more information.

YG Entertainment issued a statement shortly following the singer’s confirmation of the news.

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