What Happened With Anita Baker and Babyface?

What Happened With Anita Baker and Babyface? An anticipated performance of Anita Baker and Babyface at a 15-city Songstress Tour took an unexpected turn as Baker decided to continue the tour alone. This decision resulted from severe online abuse that Baker endured from Babyface’s fans, leading her to express her disappointment publicly on Twitter.

The Tweet That Stirred The Music World

Anita Baker took to Twitter, sharing her distress about the cyberbullying, verbal abuse, and threats of violence she received from Babyface’s fan base. Subsequently, she decided to continue The Songstress Tour alone, assuring fans that appropriate refunds would be made. This shocking revelation was accompanied by a brand-new poster promoting her ongoing tour, featuring her solo.

What Happened With Anita Baker and Babyface

Missed Collaborations and Disappointments

Interestingly, Babyface was notably absent from Anita Baker’s New Jersey performance on May 10. Rumors of technical issues were cited as the reason for his absence, but Baker highlighted another truth on Twitter. She expressed her dejection over the online bullying from Babyface’s fans, urging him to control the situation.

The Unveiling of Past Issues

Baker had not only been dealing with the recent backlash, but also a past lawsuit, filed not by Babyface himself but by his representatives. However, she emphasized that they had put their differences behind them years ago, coming together in love, peace, music, and community.

Clearing the Air and False Narratives

Despite the issues, Baker decided to confront the situation head-on, sharing her side of the story in a series of tweets. She urged Babyface to reveal the truth and clarify the “false narrative” that had led to the undue aggression from his fans. Baker also clarified that Babyface was a special guest on her tour, not a co-headliner, as some fans had wrongly perceived.

A History of Conflict

Interestingly, this isn’t the first time the two music stars have had a clash. In 2006, Babyface had sued Baker, but sources confirm that the dispute was settled, and the two had put their differences behind them.

The Songstress Tour: A Glimpse

The Songstress Tour was a celebration of Anita Baker’s four-decade-long career in the American music industry. The tour was meant to commemorate her journey since the release of her first album in 1983. It was a much-anticipated event, as Baker’s last tour happened back in 1995.

A Look into Anita Baker’s Legacy

Born on January 26, 1958, Anita Baker started her music career with the funk band, Chapter 8, but later established herself as a solo artist in the 1980s. Known for her soulful ballads, she has several Grammys to her name, along with four platinum and two gold-rated albums. Despite the recent unfortunate events, Baker continues to inspire with her relentless spirit and undying passion for music.

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