What Happened To Samantha In And Just Like That | Why Is Kim Cattrall Not In And Just Like That?

Sex and the City have returned with And Just Like That, a continuation that takes up the adventures of Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker), Miranda (Cynthia Nixon), and Charlotte (Kristin Davis) in their fifth decade of life. Kim Cattrall, who played Samantha in the original series and films, is not involved in the project. The first episode already reveals what happened to the character, who last appeared in the movie Sex and the City 2.

‘And Just Like That … ‘ has finally released its first two episodes and surely many were waiting to know how the continuation of ‘ Sex in New York ‘ managed to justify the absence of such a beloved and charismatic character as him by Samantha Jones ( Kim Cattrall ). And the truth is that they cannot be accused of wringing the bag because the HBO Max miniseries practically begins by addressing the issue.

What Happened To Samantha In And Just Like That

In the first scene, in which we meet Carrie ( Sarah Jessica Parker ), Miranda ( Cynthia Nixon ), and Charlotte ( Kristin Davis ), we see the three protagonists waiting to enter a trendy restaurant when they meet Bitsy Von Muffling ( Julie Halston) who, like the spectators, asks puzzled where the fourth musketeer is, that is, Samantha. “He is no longer with us”, answers nervous Charlotte, who immediately receives a cloak from Miranda clarifying that “he has not died.” “He’s in London,” Carrie points out.

Later Carrie and Miranda are left alone and talk about Samantha. Carrie reveals that after deciding that Samantha would not be her literary publicist, she stopped responding to her calls and messages: ” I told her that as the book industry is now, it didn’t make sense for her to remain my publicist. She replied: ‘ OK ‘, and then he fired me as a friend. “

“I thought that for her I was something more than an ATM. I always thought that the four of us would be friends forever, ” the protagonist also points out. But it does not finish here. Kim Cattrall’s character is mentioned again in the second chapter.

When Mr. Big dies, Carrie decides that there are no flowers at the funeral. However, when he arrives at the place he finds a bouquet of white flowers on the coffin. When reading the card, he discovers that Samantha has sent them and decides to leave them. At the end of the episode, you can see how Carrie sends a text message to Samantha that says “thank you”.

Is Samantha dead in just like that?

No, She is well in the SATC universe.

Miranda Alcoholic And Just Like That

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