Warzone Season 4 UK Time

Warzone Season 4 UK Time: With bated breath, Call of Duty (CoD) fans across the UK welcomed the launch of Warzone Season 4. The adrenaline-inducing update offers a refreshing palette of features, from a new map and vehicle to countless gameplay alterations. Users, eager to test their mettle in the Warzone, have taken to the battlefield, ensuring Season 4 is off to a roaring start.

The Pre-Load and Official Launch

Call of Duty fans were offered the chance to pre-load the much-anticipated Season 4 update, though this was an exclusive benefit for PlayStation users. With a size of roughly 15GB on the PS5, gamers were advised to pre-load ahead of time. Sadly, Xbox and PC users had to wait until 5pm BST to commence their download.

The new season, released on June 14, was promptly available for play at 5pm BST in the UK. As part of the update, players were introduced to a vast new map called ‘Vondel’, a fresh Battle Pass, exciting game modes, and the usual stream of gameplay tweaks, balance changes, and bug fixes.

The New Map: ‘Vondel’ and More

Upon launch, players were allowed to engage in games such as Resurgence, DMZ, and the brand-new Lockdown Limited Time Mode (LTM) on the ‘Vondel’ map. The highly-anticipated Battle Royale mode would only become playable after the mid-season update.

‘Vondel’ is a comprehensive map, boasting around 20 major points of interest, including a Castle, Zoo, and Stadium, not to mention the Floating District, University grounds, and City Hall. The map’s layout allows for strategic gameplay, ranging from intense urban street fights to larger explorations that include vertical elements, parkour routes, and hidden secrets to uncover.

Players were also introduced to the Tactical Amphibious Vehicle (TAV) – a machine capable of conquering both land and water.

Game Mode: ‘Lockdown’ and Other Features

The new ‘Lockdown’ mode allows teams of four to capture and hold zones around the ‘Vondel’ map. This mode, designed for fans of objective-based gameplay, allows for custom loadouts right from the start of the match.

The season 4 update also brings a selection of new operators via the Battle Pass, brand-new in-game weapons, new items, and much more.

Patch Notes: Gameplay Changes and New Features

Among the exciting new gameplay changes, base health has been increased from 100 to 150, and AI has been removed. The ‘Vondel’ map hosts three different game modes at launch – Resurgence, DMZ, and the new Lockdown LTM, with the standard Battle Royale set to be included mid-season.

Other additions include dynamic fog, a new Field Upgrade, and the continuation of the Sandstorm in Al Mazrah. There’s also the reset of Warzone Ranked Play, with the first full series happening in Season 4. The rest of the season promises further exciting updates, ensuring that Warzone Season 4 will be a thrill ride for CoD fans in the UK.

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