Triangle of Sadness Recap, Ending Explained

In Triangle of Sadness, the story is about a famous couple at the height of their social media fame. Carl and his “girlfriend”, Yaya, are models who pose for their cell phones to show off their beauty, which they believe a higher power has given them.

Triangle of Sadness Recap

Both characters agree that it’s the kind of trouble that won’t last long. But they know they are a powerful couple on social media, which is good for business. They are big on social media but need to gain fundamental skills.

Carl and Yaya then go on a luxury cruise with the rich and famous on a yacht, taking as many selfies as possible. The ship’s captain is having an existential crisis, which is the kind of thing you don’t want to happen to people driving large vehicles in the middle of nowhere.

The boat is full of people who have no morals at all. A great example is an old couple who made a lot of money by making hand grenades.

Dimitry is a Russian billionaire with solid ideas. Paula is in charge of Abigail, the maid. She is in order with the staff and does her best to keep everyone happy.

All this comes to a head when the ship goes through a terrible storm, and everyone gets seasick, like something from a Monty Python movie. The ship starts to sink, and some people on board are now stuck on a barren island.

No one can catch food or even start a fire, so Abigail is now in charge. To prove her point, she takes a bigger bite of the food she sees, which makes Paula angry.

Abigail is becoming the leader slowly but surely. So that Carl has a job on the island, she makes him what she thinks of as a concubine. And she sure knows how to use it.

Over time, Carl has spent more time with Abigail, and Yaya has been pushed down the social ladder. Paula, Dimitry, Jarmo, and the other survivors have found their places. Yaya wants to walk across the mountain one day so she can do some research. Abigail goes with her to try to make things better between them. Then Yaya gets the biggest surprise of her life.

Triangle of Sadness Ending Explain

Abigail and Yaya find a five-star resort and a place to sunbathe with an elevator built into a mountain by accident. Yaya is happy and wants to go through those doors, but Abigail tells her to sit down and enjoy the moment. She then says she has to go to the bathroom and gets a big rock that is as big as a person’s head. She moves slowly toward Yaya, making it clear that she wants to kill her.

Why? Because if they go into those elevators, things return to how they were before. Abigail will have to give up her admirable and powerful job and return to being a “toilet manager,” which doesn’t make her happy even more after Yaya tells Abigail that she wants to help her while staring into the ocean. How? By making her work for her social media influencer empire as an assistant.

Then Abigail’s face starts to get angry. When you think she will hit Yaya over the head with the boulder, the movie cuts to Carl running fast through the woods. That’s the end of the film.

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