The Pale Blue Eye Ending Explained (Netflix)

The Pale Blue Eye Ending Explained: The best part of The Pale Blue Eye, the latest movie written and directed by Scott Cooper and now available on Netflix, is the end when everything is revealed. After the famous detective Augustus Landor (Christian Bale) and West Point Cadet Edgar Allan Poe (Harry Melling) closed their case in the eyes of the law, the fundamental truths started to emerge. 

The Pale Blue Eye Ending Explained (Netflix)

In a long conversation between the two, all the lies and secrets are peeled back to show that the answer was correct in front of us the whole time. Even if it wasn’t clear, this piece would give away the entire movie to the end. So, if you haven’t seen it yet, save this page as a bookmark and come back when you have. If you have, get ready to dive right into the cold end of this sad story about a tragic death.

When Augustus was first asked to look into the murders of several soldiers whose bodies had been mutilated, it came up that his daughter Mattie (Hadley Robinson) had been missing for a while. No one seemed to know where she went, which bothered the patriarch, who tried to hide his feelings in the bottom of a bottle. Only the mysterious Edgar appeared to pay any attention to this information. After the case seemed to have reached the truth, which was that a local family killed the soldiers as part of a ritual, only he kept thinking about what had happened. He then woke up one night and went to talk to Augustus in person. Poe then said that Mattie had been attacked by the same soldiers who were all killed. After that, she killed herself in front of Augustus. He was traumatized and angry about her death, so he went out to get revenge. Yes, the person hired to investigate the murders was the one who was killing.

Edgar starts to tell Augustus about this, who had become something of a friend to him, but Augustus doesn’t argue or defend himself. The two men are sitting next to each other with tears running down their faces. They are both about to realize the same thing. Edgar asks Augustus why he didn’t tell him about his loss since he would have wanted to comfort him. The detective says that no one could have made him feel better about this, even if they tried. As Edgar keeps talking about what he has found in a monologue, we see flashbacks of Augustus killing the men. The first one was hung outside and left to freeze. The aforementioned family then came and cut up the body, giving Augustus an “extraordinary cover.” He then had to repeat the same macabre rituals in his future killings to make people think he was doing something else, so he could keep killing without getting caught.

Soon, it becomes clear that Edgar doesn’t really want to turn him in. Instead, he just wanted to tell him the truth. Augustus says that he knew this would happen and that, if asked, he would apologize to him. But Edgar keeps asking for more information about how he found out who the different soldiers were. Augustus tells how he used torture to get the information he needed from the men before sending them away. His plan to kill them was always at the centre of the investigation. Edgar says that one man got away from him, and Augustus says that he didn’t have the strength to go after him and that he hopes that man spends the rest of his life looking over his shoulder. When it comes to the here, and now, neither of these broken men has much hope for the future.

Edgar says that he knows enough about Augustus to send him straight to the gallows. But then he burns the note right in front of them both. Augustus then starts crying because he can’t keep even a little bit of composure for much longer. There’s nothing he can do to get his daughter back, and now that he’s killed her, his thirst for revenge hasn’t been quenched, so he and his daughter are going their separate ways. All of this shows that justice is not so easy to get in the dark world of the movie. Even after all this pain and suffering, Augustus will always have a hole in his life that he will never be able to fill the way he wants. Because he lost his daughter, he did terrible things in the hope that he would be forgiven in the end, but this was never going to work. He will never be able to go back to the life he had, and the return of order to the world, as seen by the other characters, only makes him feel more alone than he ever has.

Even though Edgar won’t turn him in, they’ll never be able to talk without this heavy secret poisoning the whole thing. Augustus knows this, and all he can say is that he wishes they had met in different ways so they could have been a happy family. When Edgar leaves, he makes one last trip to where Mattie died, which starts the whole movie. Between memories of his dead daughter and shots of the sun shining through the snow-covered trees, he stands right where she fell. He then lets go of her by allowing her ribbon fly away in the wind. This is a visual representation of him letting go, and his only words are, “Rest, my love.” It shows how, despite all the wrong turns and hopes for a little bit of justice, that was never going to happen. Sometimes, everyone and everything in the world is doomed to suffer. Even though we tell ourselves that there can be a fair solution to the enormous injustices that keep coming into our lives, this ideal is hard to find when the harsh realities of humanity itself get in the way.

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