Slow Horses Season 2 Episode 6 Recap, Ending Explain (Old Scores)

Slow Horses Season 2 Episode 6 Recap: So, Slow Horses ends well, tying up all the major plot points and showing how everything fits together. Even though the ending isn’t as exciting as the rest of the movie, especially since Duncan and Alex never get back together after the sleeper agent thing, it’s a minor flaw in an otherwise good film.

The show isn’t perfect, but the humour has gotten a lot better, and it’s easy to notice that Lamb eats in almost all of his scenes, which is a joke between fans.

Gary Oldman stands out in this role and shines, and he’s on fire throughout this chapter. His fight with Nikolai was tense, and Nikolai ended up killing himself to avoid going to jail.

In the end, Slow Horses deserves to be renewed, and the second season does an excellent job of setting up the third.

Slow Horses Season 2 Episode 6 Recap, Ending Explain (Old Scores)

Slow Horses Season 2 Episode 6 Recap

Nikolai and Lamb have unfinished business, so the last episode starts with them talking. Nikolai asks Lamb to come back to his office for a friendly chat, but Lamb has already killed one of Nikolai’s men, so he knows Nikolai wants him dead.

The former KGB spy says that one drop of radioactive poison was all it took to kill Nevsky. Just think what he could do with a bomb full of poison. Lamb believes that is a significant enough threat, so he offers to meet Nikolai at the Russian office.

At the same time, the streets of London are full of protesters and office workers running away from the impending attack. Standish goes in the opposite direction, toward the danger.

Lamb has told her to save Marcus and Louisa, trapped in the chosen building. Even though there are military helicopters on either side of the plane, it keeps going toward the city.

Marcus and Louisa can’t get out of the room where the meeting took place. Pashkin and Piotr put them inside and locked the door. Webb is still alive, but because of his injury, he has passed out. Kyril, the last security guard for Pashkin, is also still alive, but his injury could kill him. Louisa offers to help, but then she beats the man to find out what he knows.

Kyril says they planned to shut down the Glass House to put a virus on Nevsky’s computers. Then, they planned to take all of his money. This makes sense because they needed Nevsky’s thumb to get into the accounts. The Russians then got his passwords in exchange for killing him quickly. In the end, they gave Nevsky his gun so he could kill himself. After hearing this cruel but true story, Louisa hates the Russians even more.

Shirley walks around the streets but doesn’t know where Andre is. Even so, Roddy is still watching him because he got on the train with him and went to Tunbridge Wells. Shirley takes a motorbike and drives them to where they need to go. After being stuck in their offices for days, these unlikely heroes are finally out in the field.

Back at Upshott, River talks awkwardly to Alex’s family, who are still in shock from all the surprises they’ve had. River gives them space and goes to where the planes are kept. In a shocking turn of events, River finds that all the materials for making bombs are still in the hangar, untouched.

All of it was a trick, a significant diversion. Nikolai and Alex wanted it to look like they were bombing the city, but they weren’t. They wanted the city to be shut down for another reason. This shows why River was spared, to begin with. River worries that it’s all going to happen again and that he’ll make the same mistake twice.

River calls Diana and tells her that the bomb is a fake. She doesn’t care about the consequences. MI5 has Alex’s plane in their sights, so it may be too little, too late.

If she doesn’t talk to them or turn the plane around in the next few minutes, they will have to shoot it down any way they can. It can’t be taken back. As Diana asks Judd to make the final choice, tensions are high. He lets Diana make a choice—what a coward!

The train is getting even tenser. Roddy, who is too trusting, tries to follow Andre, but he has already lost him. He starts looking for the Russian spy in the aisles, which leads to a chase as Roddy tries to avoid Andre’s attacks and his deadly weapon, which is hidden in a ring.

Roddy fights back well and runs away, hiding in the train’s bathroom. As it pulls into the station, Shirley gets on the carriage and attacks Andre, saving Roddy’s life. Even though the cicada shoots at them, they are unharmed.

Back at the Glass House, Standish climbs the stairs to warn Marcus and Louisa, but they’ve already left alone. Nevsky’s thumb has been cut off, and Piotr is dead on the floor. It looks like Pashkin killed his security guard for some diamonds because he was too greedy.

Louisa shows Kyril a picture of Piotr and asks for his help. What were they trying to do? Pashkin was going to use an air ambulance to get away. Louisa runs up to the roof and meets Pashkin there. She asks him why he killed Min, and the answer, “He was just in the wrong place at the wrong time,” makes Min’s death even sadder.

Louisa goes to attack Pashkin, but the Russian pulls out his gun. He’s about to shoot, but Marcus shoots first, killing Paskin and saving Louisa’s life.

Slow Horses Season 2 Episode 6 Ending Explain

Lamb and Nikolai face off for the last time. Both vets raise their guns when they meet. Lamb says he knew the threat was not real, but he had to see it to be sure. Lamb is still surprised, though, because Nikolai has been fooling everyone for years. Then he used Upshott to get everyone’s attention away from him.

Nikolai wants to know more about the person Lamb killed. Charles was a traitor, so Lamb killed him. Then it comes out that Charles’s Partner was a spy for the other side. Nikolai is sad that Charles died, and Lamb is low that Dickie died. The dying Russian wants to know if he was to blame for Charles’ death.

Jackson Lamb, the rude leader of Slough House, says that he made a mistake, not Nikolai. The Russian spy then says that he wanted revenge for Charles’ death and tried to make Lamb and his employees look bad at work.

Lamb jokes that the group is already a disgrace, so what else can you do? Nikolai then says he was tasked with ensuring that Nevsky died and the money he stole was returned. Pashkin came into the plan at this point.

The scene is then cut into a few others to build up the tension. Andre shows up on a quiet country road. River gets out of an aeroplane and runs across a field. Then, Andre knocks on a door with his weapon ready. David Cartwright, River’s grandfather, opens the door, and gunshots can be heard.

But David wins because he shoots Andre first. Nikolai figures out that Lamb is already one step ahead of him. Lamb knew that they would go after David, so he warned him. Nikolai asks Lamb to kill him quickly, but Lamb won’t do it. In the end, the Russian spy kills himself.

Diana tells Judd a quick summary of the whole saga. Judd is mad about everything and wants to blame it all on River. Diana thinks it’s best to lie and keep everything hidden. Instead, they blame the Prime Minister and say that defence systems need to be improved. Later, Lamb goes to see Diana and asks her to give Min Harper a good send-off.

Diana, however, says no. Louisa goes to Min’s small funeral and leaves quickly, crying a lot. The group gets together at another church in the city. This is where Lamb wanted Min’s service to be held at first. They put up a plaque for the dead soldier, and then Lamb puts up a note for Dickie, which falls to the ground quickly. Lamb cared about Dickie.

He probably knew how hard Dickie worked as an undercover agent for all those years and how much he had to give up. These are things that Dickie should be rewarded for or at least recognised for.

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