Simpsons Predict Travis Scott Concert

The accurate prediction of the future in the real world of various major events from the popular television show “The Simpsons” continues to amaze us. The Simpsons, a particularly entertaining animation, is famous for its almost always correct predictions. From the red tie that ended up being the president to the journey and life on Mars (Elon Musk did).

Simpsons Predict Travis Scott Concert

The “Simpsons” have made very accurate predictions in the past. Sometimes these predictions are scary. Like the recent one, where some of the latest fan theories suggest that “The Simpsons” also predicted the recent Travis Scott Astroworld Music Festival tragedy long before it happened.

So what happened at the Travis Scott concert?

On November 4, just one day before the Astroworld tragedy occurred, Travis stated that fans could look forward to new music. He published this with a black and white cover in “Weekly World Truths” magazine. The cover had an animated image of Travis on the cover of his latest song “Escape Plan” from his album “Dystopia.”

What Happened At Travis Scott Concert?

On the day of the concert, at least eight people died as a result of a stampede. The massive rally at Houston’s NRG Park β€œbegan to compress” in front of the stage around 9.15 pm. All of this made it difficult to breathe and made them lose consciousness. According to the Houston fire chief, Samuel PeΓ±a, around 300 spectators were treated at the site, including 11 people who suffered cardiac arrest.

Another coincidence that has gone particularly viral in the videos showing it on TikTok features a 1992 episode of ” The Simpsons ” in which Homer holds up a copy of the fake World Weekly News publication, comparing it to promotional art inspired by Scott’s newspapers that went viral days before the Astroworld tragedy.

The actual Weekly World News has featured an open-jawed humanoid creature named Bat Boy, in a format remarkably similar to Scott’s tabloid cover promo art.

At least eight people have died since a crowd erupted at Scott’s Astroworld festival in Texas on Nov.5.

A mass of concertgoers at Houston’s NRG Park “began to compress” toward the front of the stage, causing chaos and injuring some people, Houston Fire Chief Samuel PeΓ±a told reporters.

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