How Many People Died At The Travis Scott Concert?

How Many People Died At The Travis Scott Concert?

How Many People Died At The Travis Scott Concert – Rapper Travis Scott’s concert at the Astroworld music festival in Houston, Texas, ended Friday night in tragedy when a crowd began to push onto the stage, sparking panic and killing at least eight people. dead, in addition to some 300 injured.

The big question right now is what made the crowd start pushing onto the stage. There is still no answer to that question, although details of what happened began to come to light this Saturday.

Travis Scott Will Pay For The Funeral Of The Victims At His Concert

His team has confirmed that it will bear the cost of the funerals of the people who lost their lives and that it has joined forces with the BetterHelp portal, which offers services related to mental health, to provide individual therapy sessions to all those affected.

As has been assured, these are only the first steps that Travis will take when it comes to supporting them in the process of grief and recovery, and several sources have also assured the Variety portal that they will return the number of tickets to all attendees.

Simpsons Predict Travis Scott Concert

What Happened At The Concert In The US?

On Friday night, about 50,000 people flocked to the NRG Park sports and entertainment complex to enjoy a concert by rapper Travis Scott, a native of Houston who, in 2018, released an album called Astroworld and founded the music festival of the same name.

At about 9:15 p.m. local time (02:15 GMT on Saturday), the crowd began to push in the direction of the stage, Houston fire chief Sam Peña explained at a press conference early Saturday.

The avalanche of people unleashed panic, sparked fights among attendees, and some lost consciousness, Peña explained.

As a result, 17 people were hospitalized, of whom 11 were in cardiac arrest, according to Peña.

At least one of those hospitalized was only 10 years old, according to Lina Hidalgo, an administrative judge for Harris County, the largest in Texas and where Houston is located.

According to Peña, many of the attendees had to receive medical assistance at the scene of the events, where a field hospital was built that has already treated about 300 people.

The organizers of the “Astroworld” festival had medical teams at the scene; But once the avalanche and panic started, they were “quickly overwhelmed,” Peña explained.

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