RoCKSTAR 2.0 Lyrics Duki & Jhayco (Translation & Meaning)

“RoCKSTAR 2.0” is a compelling track by Argentinian artist Duki and Jhayco that captures the essence of a rockstar’s life. Released on June 21, 2023, under DALE PLAY Records & SSJ Records, the song blends hip-hop with Duki’s unique rap style. The lyrics reflect the artists’ approach towards their lifestyle, ambitions, and constant scrutiny they face.

RoCKSTAR 2.0 Lyrics Duki & Jhayco Meaning

Verse 1: Jhayco

The opening verse portrays Jhayco’s rebellious lifestyle where he prioritizes his interests over conventional norms. He talks about his indulgence in luxury items like Fendi and his life, characterized by the influence of a rockstar, with high-end clothes and expensive cars. He also reflects on his relations with women and his unique style that sets him apart.

Bridge: Jhayco

The bridge presents a dark side of this lifestyle. Jhayco talks about the risks of drug abuse, reflecting on friends who have fallen prey to addiction. Yet, he remains unfazed by the negativity and keeps focusing on his aspirations.

Verse 2: Duki

In the second verse, Duki steps in, flaunting his achievements and dominance in the music industry. He likens his success to selling out concerts in the USA, implying his popularity and acceptance. Duki also mentions his passion for his craft, asserting his distinct identity and prowess, which cannot be copied or replicated.

Pre-Chorus: Duki

The pre-chorus sees Duki directly addressing his competitors, asserting his superiority in songwriting and originality.

Chorus: Duki

The chorus is a sharp commentary on the artists’ critics and haters who seem envious of their successful lives. Duki states that despite the negativity, he places his faith in his abilities and continues to pursue his path. The clones mentioned here are metaphoric for those trying to imitate his life and style.

Overall, “RoCKSTAR 2.0” stands as a testament to Duki and Jhayco’s unapologetic approach towards their life and career in the music industry.

RoCKSTAR 2.0 Lyrics Duki & Jhayco English Translation

[Intro: Jhayco]
Are you still following me or not yet?
Sike! (Rockstar life)
Yes (Yes)

[Verse 1: Jhayco]
Always high, eyes like Jelly (Jelly)
And black like Blade, always Wesley (Wesley; Ah!)
Yes, in the uni, I used to get F
But now the only F that I get from the store is the one from Fendi
The skate and the Vans, Rockstar life is the clan
All the bitches want drugs and to light up like a volcano
All the pieces from Milan, a cash Huracán
I put a scarf on the baby, I fucked like a Muslim
All the clothes on, I already look like an Ice Cube (Ice Cube)
Zero likes for you, my nigga, I don’t like you (I don’t like you)
You seem like a groupie, baby, I don’t fuck with you (No)
You’re not a win even if we fuck in the W
The machine in the valet, all the buds are violet
The diamonds of the bat are pink, ballet flow
I want a big ass like Cardi with Offset
These people are my clones, (Net)

[Bridge: Jhayco]
Yes, I have a couple of homies that gave a lot to the lean, they went OD
Yes, I put my dick in and that inside is always cozy
Yes (Yes, yes), co—(Co)—zy
They went OD with the codeine
To all my haters always loading
In the note always floating

[Verse 2: Duki]
Duko with the Jhayco, ma, the rockstars got together
The babies all pimped out because I’m a lovestar
They wanted the recipe, the kitchen is ours
If they talk about respect, I have it from coast to coast
I’m smoking ZaZa, this joint is seen in HD
We already sold all the tickets in the USA, Duko, what a HP
Orange smoke, mandarin, vitamin C
If you don’t know anything, then why do you have an opinion? Shut up
I renewed the contract like Julián Álvarez
Cloth on the head, I’m spending like an Arab
The king is always protected, this is chess
Giving it to the beat as it deserves, as it should be (Yesan 雪山, eat rice!)
Artificial intelligence so they copy my songs
And they don’t have my DNA even with four hundred clones
I have the blood of the king, it’s worth more than the millions
Doctor Strange, they’re having visions
I’m famous on TV without making appearances
A messy architect, I don’t take dimensions
How big is my career compared to these losers
Sincerely, the best of the best

[Pre-Chorus: Duki]
Yes, for them to improve
Yes, they don’t make these hits even with ten composers
Call when you feel like writing good songs

[Chorus: Duki]
Baby, I got all these haters on me
I can’t get them off me
I had to put all my faith in me
These clones want to have my life
‘Cause, baby, I got all these haters on me
I can’t get them off me
I had to put all my faith in me
These clones want to have my life

RoCKSTAR 2.0 Lyrics Duki & Jhayco

[Intro: Jhayco]
¿Me sigue’ o no me sigues todavía?
Sike! (Vida Rockstar)
Sí (Sí)

[Verso 1: Jhayco]
Siempre en nota, los ojo’ como Jelly (Jelly)
Y de negro como Blade, siempre Wesley (Wesley; ¡ah!)
Sí, en la uni sacaba F
Pero ahora la única F que yo saco de la tienda e’ la de Fendi
Las skate y las Vans, Vida Rockstar e’ el clan
Toa’ la’ bitches quieren drugs y prender como un volcán
Toa’ las piezas de Milán, en efectivo un Huracán
Le puse un pañuelo a la baby, chingué como un musulmán
Toa’ las prenda’ encima, ya parezco un Ice Cube (Ice Cube)
Cero like’ pa’ ti, my nigga, I don’t like you (I don’t like you)
Tú parece’ una groupie, bebecita, I don’t fuck with you (No)
No ere’ un win ni aunque chinguemo’ en el W
La máquina en el valet, toa’ las moña’ son violet
Los diamantes del murciélago rosita’, flow ballet
Quiero una culona como Cardi con Offset
Esta gente son mis clone’, (Net)

[Puente: Jhayco]
Sí, tengo par de homie’ que le dieron mucho al lean, se fueron od
Sí, yo le meto el bicho y eso allá adentro siempre cozy
Sí (Sí, sí), co—(Co)—zy
Se fueron od con el codeine
A todo’ mis haters siempre loadin’
En la nota siempre floatin’

[Verso 2: Duki]
Duko con el Jhayco, ma, se juntaron los rockstar’
Las babies enchulada’ toda’ porque soy un lovestar
Querían la receta, la cocina es cosa nostra
Si hablan de respeto, lo tengo de costa a costa
‘Toy fumando ZaZa, este porro se ve en HD
Ya vendimo’ to’ los ticket’ en USA, Duko, qué HP
Humo de naranja, mandarina, vitamina C
Si no sabe nada, ¿entonce’ pa’ qué opina? Cállese
Renové el contrato como Julián Álvare’
Paño en la cabeza, estoy gastando como un árabe
Al rey siempre lo protegen, esto es ajedre’
Dándole al beat como se merece, como debe ser (雪山, 吃飯啦!)
Inteligencia artificial pa’ que me copien las cancione’
Y no tienen mi ADN ni con cuatrocientos clone’
Tengo la sangre del rey, vale más que los millone’
Doctor Strange, están teniendo visiones
Soy famoso en la tele sin tener apariciones
Un arquitecto desprolijo, es que no tomo dimensiones
Lo grande que es mi carrera al lado de estos perdedores
Atentamente, lo mejor de lo’ mejores

[Pre-Estribillo: Duki]
Sí, pa’ que mejoren
Sí, no hacen esto’ palos ni con diez compositore’
Llamen cuando tengan ganas de escribir buenas cancione’

[Estribillo: Duki]
Baby, I got all these haters on me
No me lo’ puedo sacar de encima
Tuve que poner toda mi fe en mí
Estos clones quieren tener mi vida
‘Cause, baby, I got all these haters on me
No me lo’ puedo sacar de encima
Tuve que poner toda mi fe en mí
Estos clones quieren tener mi vida

Who are the producers of “RoCKSTAR 2.0” by Duki & Jhayco?

The song was produced by Yesan 雪山, Asan, Zecca, Smash David & Argel Beatz.

What is the theme of “RoCKSTAR 2.0” by Duki & Jhayco?

The theme of the song revolves around living a rockstar lifestyle, dealing with haters, and achieving success in spite of adversities.

What is the meaning of the song “RoCKSTAR 2.0”?

“RoCKSTAR 2.0” talks about Duki & Jhayco’s lavish lifestyle, their experiences with fame, and the constant struggle with haters trying to mimic their lives.

Who directed the music video for “RoCKSTAR 2.0”?

The music video was directed by Facundo Ballve.

When was “RoCKSTAR 2.0” by Duki & Jhayco released?

The song was released on June 21, 2023.

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