Pokemon Journeys Episode 134 Release Date, Preview & Recap

Pokemon Journeys Episode 134: Previously on the show, the Team Project Mew crew left for Farway Island to find Mew. But as they climb to the peak, they become separated. As the story winds down, Quilon and Gary fight a Groudon while Danika, Horace, and Goh take on a Kyogre.

Pokemon Journeys Episode 134 Release Date

The release of episode 134 of Pokemon Journeys is scheduled for Friday, December 2, 2022. The program will air at 6:55 p.m. JST on local channels such as Tokyo MX, TV TOKYO, and BS Asahi.

  • PT: 01:55 am
  • CT: 03:55 am
  • ET: 04:55 am
  • BST: 09:55 am
  • CEST: 10:55 am
  • IST: 03:25 pm
  • PT: 05:55 pm
  • ACT: 07:25 pm

Pokemon Journeys Episode 134 Recap

Goh and the other Project Mew trainers traveled to Farway Island to track down the elusive Mew. Danika said the island could only be reached during the small one-week window between the wet and dry seasons because of the strong winds that blew around it at all other times. Professor Amarnath elaborated that a powerful psychic presence was picked up towards the center of Table Mountain, which he believes to be Mew.

The professor gives the trainers some parting words of advice before they leave on their missions, and the trainers head out after landing. It was unclear how Goh, who desperately wanted to capture Mew, would react if they unexpectedly ran upon the creature.

Arriving at a river, Gary, Horace, Goh, Danika, and Quilon are ambushed by a Swampert. Horace’s use of a Virizion to solve the problem comes as a complete surprise to everyone. At some point in the ascent, a Skarmory swoops in and cuts the rope holding them together. They reach Table Mountain at last.

As a group, they decide to convene at the hub and proceed. Ending the episode, Quilon and Gary confront a Groudon while Danika, Horace, and Goh face a Kyogre.

Pokemon Journeys Episode 134 Preview

In the prior episode’s climactic moments, the two teams faced up against Pokemon that would have to be defeated before they could proceed. This will be showcased in its entirety in Episode 134 of Pokemon Journeys. They had become separated and resolved to reunite in a central area; however, getting there would prove to be complicated.

Like Mew, Danika, Horace, and Goh had no idea that Mew had followed them into the cave. Did they expect Kyogre and Mew to show up there, or were they just getting warmed up? That, of course, is something only time can reveal.

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