Is Mary From Selling Sunset Pregnant? A Brave Revelation

Is Mary From Selling Sunset Pregnant? In a recent heart-rending revelation, Selling Sunset star, Mary Fitzgerald, opened up about a painful personal experience. The 42-year-old realtor disclosed on Instagram that she experienced a miscarriage following her honeymoon with husband Romain Bonnet, 29, in Bali, back in January.

The Bali Miscarriage Incident

During their blissful honeymoon in Bali, Fitzgerald and Bonnet were thrilled to find out that they were expecting a child. However, destiny had other plans. Fitzgerald not only had to deal with the emotional trauma of a miscarriage but also faced a serious health scare known as a septic miscarriage.

Understanding a Septic Miscarriage

A septic miscarriage is a condition that occurs when an infection develops in the uterus. The Mayo Clinic informs that symptoms may include fever, chills, and tenderness in the lower abdomen. In most cases, surgery is needed to remove the cause of the infection. The Selling Sunset star underwent surgery to deal with this condition.

Speaking Out About the Miscarriage

Mary decided to speak out about her personal loss to raise awareness about this common but painful experience. She wanted to reassure others going through similar circumstances that they are not alone, and that there is hope. Despite the judgmental eyes and the pain, she affirmed her decision to keep trying and hoping for better news soon.

Support from Husband and Co-stars

In response to her heartbreaking post, her husband Romain expressed his unwavering support, affirming that this was just the start of their journey. He assured her of his presence at every step of the way. Encouraging messages from co-stars like Brett Oppenheim and Amanza Smith further bolstered Fitzgerald’s resilience.

Fitzgerald’s Message of Hope and Perseverance

Her Instagram post wasn’t merely a reveal, it was a promise. A promise of truthfulness, a promise to keep her fans updated about her journey. Her courageous message ended on a note of solidarity, reminding anyone going through a similar situation that they were not alone and urging them to keep the faith.

Despite the tough times, Mary from Selling Sunset remains hopeful and resilient, vowing to keep sharing her journey, promising good news soon, and spreading strength to others dealing with the same struggle.

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