Gotham Kinghts Season 1 Episode 1 Release Date, Recap, Preview, Cast – Pilot

Gotham Kinghts Season 1 Episode 1: The CW confirmed the date and length of the first episode of Gotham Knights.

The first episode of the story of the teenage vigilantes will air on The CW on March 14 and be called “Pilot.” It will run for about 42 minutes without any commercials. The main mystery of the show will be set up in the first episode. It will show what happens after Batman dies and how the Dark Knight’s adopted son, Turner Hayes, is blamed for the crime. In order to prove that he is not guilty, he runs away from the police and joins up with a group of young vigilantes to find out the truth.

Gotham Kinghts Season 1 Episode 1 Release Date

On March 14, 2023, at 9 p.m., Gotham Knights will premiere on The CW. The superhero drama’s 12 episodes will air every Tuesday at 9 p.m.

Gotham Kinghts Season 1 Episode 1 Preview

Gotham Knights will start after Batman is killed, and it will show how his adopted son works with the children of Batman’s enemies to find out who did it. So far, only the names and plots of the first three episodes have been made public.

In Episode 1, “Pilot,” Batman’s son is set up for murder. In the second episode, “Scene of the Crime,” the young gang will go back to the crime scene to look for Bruce Wayne’s journals and gather evidence to show that they are not guilty.

In the third episode, “Under Pressure,” the Mutant Gang will strike back at Gotham. Gotham Knights has nothing to do with the 2022 video game with the same name, even though both games are about the same things. The new show is being made by Chad Fiveash, Natalie Abrams, and James Stoteraux.

Gotham Knights has been in the works since 2021. In February of last year, The CW ordered a pilot episode. In May, the network approved the series after reviewing it.

The two trailers told us more about the story and who the characters were. But there was one character no one knew about who was a masked swordsman. Fans think that they might cause a lot of trouble for Turner Hayes’s group, and they can’t wait to see what the next show has in store for them.

Gotham Kinghts Season 1 Episode 1 Recap

Turner says in a voiceover at the beginning of the episode that after his parents were killed, he was taken in by the richest man in the city, who gave him everything he could want except for the reason why, and it turns out that wasn’t the only secret he was keeping. Bruce Wayne holds a coin with a mysterious owl symbol in his office at Wayne Tower. He then opens a secret panel in the wall of his office to reveal his Batman mask.

Turner beats Brody at fencing at school, and since Bruce won’t be home that night, he decides to have a party at Wayne Manor. A child almost knocks over a vase at the party, but Carrie Kelley saves it. Cressida, the servant who looks like Alfred Pennyworth, tells Turner that Brody and Stephanie are making out in another room. Harper, Cullen, and Duela break into Bruce’s office to steal something from the safe. They find the gun Joe Chill used to kill the Waynes, and the barrel is still warm. Then they figure out it’s a trick. The window is broken, and someone wrote “Your Bat is Dead” on it. Bruce Wayne is dead on the street below. The police come, but the three people get away. Harvey Dent goes out into the street and finds Bruce’s dead body, which is wearing Batman’s mask, revealing his double life.

The police show up at Wayne Manor. Harvey tells Turner that Bruce has passed away. Turner is very upset at the police station. Harvey tells him that he will find out who did this and make them pay, but Turner doesn’t believe him. Harvey asks him if he knew that Bruce was Batman. Turner didn’t know this. Back at home, he is confused, but he and Stephanie find the Batcave by accident when Turner throws a glass at the fake wall that covers the entrance. This proves what Harvey said.

Now that everyone knows Bruce Wayne is Batman, the city is sad about his death. The police find out where the “killers” are hiding while the funeral is going on. While this is going on, the three plan to take their cash payment and leave Gotham, but the police catch them. Later, when Batman isn’t around to stop crime, the Mutant Gang makes problems all over the city. The three people are questioned at the police station. Turner is determined to find out who paid the killers, and he and Stephanie go to the Batcave later to look for answers. She uses the computer to find out who hired the killers by looking at bank records. What she finds is shocking: it looks like Turner paid the killers.

When the police show up, Turner is arrested almost right away. Bruce’s lawyers won’t help Turner out. Harvey shows Turner the coin. He says he thinks Turner is innocent, but Turner doesn’t know what it is. Turner, Cullen, Harper, and Duela are all put in the same cell with Turner. There’s a fight, and the detective moves to get them moved. Turner wants his phone call. The news media want to know if Harvey will step away from the case. Harvey wants to run for mayor, so his boss wants him to go ahead and prosecute him and get him convicted.

Turner calls Stephanie and tells her that she is the only person who can help him. The ride to Blackgate starts, and it turns out that the fight was just a show. Harper, Duela, and Cullen used it to steal things they could use to get out of their handcuffs on the transport. They’ve figured out that this is all a set-up and that they’re going to be killed. There is chaos, and the vehicle crashes. Turner tries to stop Duela from killing the police, but Duela knows that the police are part of the set-up and will kill them themselves. When a Batarang hits the detective’s hand and an explosive hits a police car, it looks like the detective will succeed. Robin appears. Carrie Kelley. She doesn’t think they killed Bruce.

Harvey holds a press conference to say that he is going to try even harder to catch the fugitives. Stephanie goes to the Batcave to try to help Turner by using the computer. Turner, Cullen, Harper, and Duela hide out in the school’s clock tower and try to figure out who really killed Bruce. Cullen says that he took Detective Ford’s watch, which has the same writing on the back as the coin. Duela tells them that the engraving belongs to the Court of Owls and that they should have just let them die because the Court of Owls really runs Gotham, which is very, very bad news. Detective Ford is killed by a person in a mask in a parking lot somewhere else.

Gotham Kinghts Season 1 Episode 1 Cast

  • Olivia Rose Keegan as Duela
  • Misha Collins as Harvey Dent
  • Mercedes Blanche as Reporter
  • Navia Ziraili Robinson as Carrie Kelley
  • Oscar Morgan as Turner Hayes
  • Anna Lore as Stephanie Brown
  • Fallon Smythe as Harper Row
  • Tyler DiChiara as Cullen Row
  • Rahart Adams as Brody
  • Shanita Wilburn as Patient
  • Lovell Gates as Reporter
  • Tammie Sutherland as GNN Reporter
  • James Burke as Coach
  • Scott Rapp as Police Officer
  • John Kinsey as Gotham City Police Officer
  • Darrin Maharaj as Channel 64 Reporter
  • Sarah Dean as Court of Owls
  • Carl Hines as Security Guard

Gotham Kinghts Season 1 Episode 1 Rating (According to IMDB)

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