FBI: Most Wanted Season 4 Episode 14 Release Date, Preview, Cast (Wanted: America)

FBI: Most Wanted Season 4 Episode 14: Next week, on episode 14 of season 4 of FBI: Most Wanted, we’ll see a story with a lot of different twists, many of which are very interesting.

So, where should we start? Well, the name of this story is “Wanted: America,” and Remy Scott is going to be at the centre of a true-crime or close-to-true-crime story. We’ll get to know a little bit more about the character’s past, but not in the way we already have! We’re all for anything that gives this guy a little more depth, especially if it doesn’t have to do with the bad things that have happened to him over the years.

FBI: Most Wanted Season 4 Episode 14 Release Date

FBI: Most Wanted season 4, the new season of the exciting spin-off series, will start with episode 14 on the CBS TV Network. The show will air at 10 p.m. Eastern Time on Tuesday, February 28, 2023. (ET).

FBI: Most Wanted Season 4 Episode 14 Preview

People who watch the show have been very excited to see what happens in the next episode. This comes after the season 4 episode 13 of FBI: Most Wanted, called “Transaction,” which had a lot of shocking things happen, like a complicated kidnapping case involving a teen girl.

So, without further ado, here’s everything fans of FBI: Most Wanted should know before the 14th episode of Season 4 airs on CBS Network.

The official summary tells viewers what they can expect from the next episode. From what it looks like, episode 14 will be a dramatic ride as the team investigates the murder of a rising star triathlete.

Remy will also meet up with a producer of a true crime show from his past in this episode. So, people who watch the show are in for a wild ride.

FBI: Most Wanted Season 4 Episode 14 Cast

  • Dylan McDermott as Supervisory Special Agent Remy Scott
  • Alexa Davalos as Special Agent Kristin Gaines
  • Roxy Sternberg as Special Agent Sheryll Barnes
  • Keisha Castle-Hughes as Special Agent Hana Gibson
  • Edwin Hodge as Special Agent Ray Cannon
  • Aaron Morton as Captain Wyatt
  • Nadine Nicole as Em McAdoo
  • Jenna Rose Sander as Molly
  • Steve Sobel as Arnie Kennedy

FBI: Most Wanted Season 4 Episode 14 Recap

Tonight’s episode starts with Sparrow May’s home, where she was found dead. She was in her 20s. In the world of triathlon, she was a rising star. She was also stabbed many times until the knife hit bone. Remy saw the crime scene and thought it was done out of anger. He thought that someone was mad at Sparrow during her last hours. He wanted to know who would do that, and he found two people who could have done it. Colby, Sparrow’s boyfriend, was there as well.

Colby didn’t believe in being faithful to one person. He has open relationships, so he was seeing both Sparrow and Mavis at the same time. As soon as Sparrow died, a lot of women sent Colby messages asking him out on dates.

Colby was a lowlife. It was clear, but the feds didn’t think he would kill Sparrow. He would have just left her if he didn’t like being with her. He would not have had to kill her. Sparrow would be killed by Mavis, on the other hand. Mavis was the one who was angry. She once said she would kill Sparrow if she didn’t stop bothering Colby. Colby says she’s always been angry and that she wasn’t happy with him the night Sparrow died because Colby was with Sparrow. They did things together.

Colby took Sparrow home. After that, he left, so everyone was curious about Mavis’s location during the murder window. Mavis was not at her place. Her family said they hadn’t seen her in a while. Colby wasn’t liked by anyone. They said that Colby was mean to people. They tried to say that he was the one who killed Sparrow, but no one believed them. Colby, in particular, had come to talk to them. Mavis was the one on the run. Her family helped Mavis. Her sister put her in a surf shop to keep her safe. And Mavis was happy being there.

Maybe too easy going. Mavis got a surfboard and went surfing, but one of the other surfers recognised her, so she had to kill him to keep him from telling on her. She ran away again with the help of her family after that. She planned to hide in a cabin in the woods while they tried to escape the police. A warrant was issued for Mavis’s sister’s house. When they found a body two blocks away, they had to. When they got there, they found Sparrow’s towel covered in blood. It seems that Mavis took it to wipe her hands. The towel also had some of her blood on it.

When Mavis tried to hurt Sparrow, she cut herself. She really did do it. When the murder weapon was finally found in the toilet, the feds didn’t need any more proof. It was the first time the sister had seen it. Mavis had just put it there and then left. Mavis didn’t care if she hurt anyone in the family by running away. Her father told them that no matter what happened, it was their job to love and support Mavis. One of them was her uncle, who was a cop. He was going to help them get a new passport for Mavis.

The Appalachian trail is where Mavis’s dad dropped her off. Mavis hiked as far as she could before she fell and had to call for help. So, she called a friend and asked them to come get her. The situation got worse when a film crew came looking for Mavis. They wanted to spread the story that she had killed her rival for his love and then ran away. Remy decided to work with the film crew because he thought it would give them more eyes on the trail and help them cover more ground. They learned about the trail because Mavis wrote about walking the Appalachian trail.

It was told in a cute way on her social media. Mavis liked being in the woods, so the FBI tried to find her by going to places they knew she liked. At the same time she was looking for help, they were looking for her. Mavis called her friend, who turned out to be her ex-girlfriend. The ex was upset that Mavis chose Colby over her. Mavis is now a hostage because she has her chained to a bed so she can’t leave her again. Someone who the government had to save. This became even more true after Mavis fought back against the person holding her.

Mavis smacked her ex. She ran away, and her ex was shooting at her while she was hobbling away. The feds came to help. The ex-girlfriend had to be killed by the feds. And Mavis was both saved and put in jail.

And Remy went on a date with someone who worked on the set.

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