Did Chase Stokes Cheating On Maddie Cline?

Did Chase Stokes Cheating On Maddie Cline? Fans of television personalities Chase Stokes and Maddie Cline are swirling with speculations amid circulating rumors that Stokes may have cheated on Cline. Considering their public profiles and on-screen roles, the news regarding their relationship has inevitably garnered a lot of attention. As the curiosity around the truth of this rumor escalates, we delve into the facts behind Chase Stokes and Maddie Cline’s relationship.

The Celebrity Duo: Chase Stokes and Maddie Cline

Chase Stokes and Maddie Cline have made their mark as stars of the popular Netflix series “Outer Banks”. Before gracing the Netflix series, Maddie Cline had showcased her talent in a variety of shows and films, including “Boy Erased”, “This Is The Night”, “Savannah Sunrise” among others. Similarly, Stokes also boasts a rich portfolio of television shows and movies. While currently playing the lead in “Outer Banks”, he is also recognized for his roles in “Stranger Things”, “The Beach House”, and more. But how did these two professional trajectories collide in their personal lives?

Did Chase Stokes Cheating On Maddie Cline

Stokes-Cline Relationship: Rumors and Reality

The rumors of Chase Stokes cheating on Maddie Cline aren’t the first to put their relationship in the spotlight. Back in 2021, talks of their potential split began to circulate when the couple missed attending the Met Gala, the fashion industry’s most significant event. It laid the foundation for whispers of their potential breakup. Fast forward to the present, and the rumor mill is churning tales of Stokes being unfaithful to Cline.

Fueling the speculation further, Stokes was recently photographed with an unidentified woman. This fueled the notion that Stokes had cheated, leading to his breakup with Cline. PEOPLE magazine later reported Stokes was seen getting close to Val Bragg, an act that did not sit well with Maddie’s fans.

In a video, Val Bragg responded to the Outer Banks fans’ backlash, denying involvement in the couple’s speculated breakup. Bragg stated, “I’ve been getting so many hate comments and DMs & people just calling me a home-wrecker & telling me that I’m the reason why Chase and his ex broke up, & that’s not true whatsoever.”

As speculation continues to swirl, how the situation unfolds is yet to be seen. Whether these rumors hold any truth or are merely part of the celebrity rumor mill, fans of both Stokes and Cline eagerly await an official statement from the stars themselves.

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