Dear Edward Episode 10 Release Date, Preview, Cast (Shelter) (AppleTV+)

The Story So Far

Dear Edward Episode 10 Release Date: In the latest chapter of Dear Edward, titled “Paper Covers Rock,” we see the protagonist, Edward (Colin O’Brien), spiraling further into emotional turmoil. He loses the friendships of Shay and Mahira (Jenna Qureshi) and struggles to cope with his grief. His aunt and uncle find it challenging to understand his emotional state. In the midst of this, Dee Dee (Connie Britton) readies herself for the final grief group session, and Sam (Dario Ladani Sanchez) faces confrontation regarding his sexuality. This episode follows the series’ standard formula, leading to a moving conclusion.

Edward’s Struggles and Bonds

Edward faces questioning about vandalism and, in his distress, runs away from school. He finds Linda in pain at home, and they head to the hospital. Despite Lacey’s efforts to support him, Edward refuses to open up to her. In an attempt to help, Uncle John takes Edward to his workplace. Although they bond, John struggles to truly understand and help Edward. The young boy believes that he should have died on the plane and only survived because he swapped seats with Jordan.

Relationships and Emotional Confrontations

Sienna confronts Sam about his text messages and photo exchanges with Vernon. Sam confesses his past love for Ben, who died on the flight, but maintains that he loves Sienna. However, she remains unconvinced. Meanwhile, Dee Dee opens up to Zoe about her poor parenting and her father’s affair. She vows to become a better mother and person. Linda gives birth, with Lacey providing support, while Sienna gives Sam an ultimatum to commit to their marriage and family.

Dear Edward Episode 10 Release Date

“Shelter,” the tenth episode of Dear Edward, is set to premiere on Apple TV+ on Friday, March 24th, 2023, at midnight PT. With a runtime of 46 minutes, this episode promises to deliver an emotional experience.

Dear Edward Episode 10 Preview

We predict that Edward will finally begin attending therapy sessions, addressing the lack of support he has received so far. Dee Dee may prepare a party for the final grief group session and potentially start her own support group. Meanwhile, Adriana could win the election and fly to Ghana to reunite with Kojo. Lacey and John’s relationship may end, with Lacey considering adoption. Amanda and Steve might also become a couple, and Sam may ultimately leave Sienna.

Dear Edward Episode 10 Cast

  • Taylor Schilling as Lacey
  • Colin O’Brien as Edward
  • Josephine Armar as Amma
  • Eva Ariel Binder as Shay
  • Connie Britton as Dee Dee
  • Khloe Bruno as Becks
  • Audrey Corsa as Zoe
  • Amr El-Bayoumi as Faakhir
  • Amy Forsyth as Linda
  • Zachary Greenstein as 4 year old Eddie
  • Carter Hudson as John
  • Maxwell Jenkins as Jordan
  • Clara Wong as Daphne
  • Roger Yawson as Albert
  • Beckett Guest as Boy on Bike

When will Dear Edward Episode 10 be released?

Episode 10, titled “Shelter,” will be released on Apple TV+ on Friday, March 24th, 2023, at midnight PT.

What is the runtime for Episode 10 of Dear Edward?

The runtime for Episode 10, “Shelter,” is 46 minutes.

What happened in the previous episode of Dear Edward?

In the previous episode, titled “Paper Covers Rock,” Edward faces emotional turmoil, losing his friends and struggling with his feelings of guilt and grief. Dee Dee prepares for the final grief group session, and Sam is confronted about his sexuality and past relationships.

What are some predictions for Dear Edward Episode 10?

In Episode 10, we predict that Edward will start attending therapy sessions, Dee Dee may prepare a party for the final grief group session, Adriana could win the election and fly to Ghana to reunite with Kojo, Lacey and John’s relationship may end, and Amanda and Steve might become a couple.

How can I watch Dear Edward Episode 10?

You can watch Dear Edward Episode 10 on Apple TV+, where it will be exclusively available for streaming.

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