Dangerous Liaisons Episodes 7 & 8 Recap, Ending Explain

Dangerous Liaisons Episodes 7 & 8: The last two episodes of Season 1 of “Dangerous Liaisons” made us feel many different things, from anger and sadness to a desire for the characters to get their revenge. This series hasn’t gotten nearly as much attention as it should have. 

We were told this series is a prequel to Pierre Choderlos de Laclos’s original “Dangerous Liaisons.” Even though we didn’t know how for most of the series, that didn’t make it any less enjoyable. The story is well told, and the cliffhanger makes us want to watch the following season. 

Dangerous Liaisons Episode 7 & 8 Recap, Ending Explain

Dangerous Liaisons Episodes 7 & 8 Recap

It gave us a lot of background on the characters for the next story. Without further ado, let’s look at how the last two episodes set the stage for the rest of the season.

Henry de Montrachet was made the King’s surgeon, which made him even more potent than the Marquis. Camille and Valmont devise a plan to get back at Jacqueline and get the letter they need from her. After that, they will give the Queen the note at the opera, where Camille has been invited. 

Back at Saint Honore, the Marquis is madly in love with Camille and can’t wait to marry her, but she tries to put it off. This means that Camille must go through the Queen to get revenge. Soon after making plans, they decide to run away together. And that’s how the last part of the game starts. 

She tells the Marquis to think about his choice, even though she was the one who got him to make it in the first place. When the Marquis hears this, he falls even more in love with her. So, Camille asks him for a proper wedding that will take some time to plan, and he agrees.

Valmont finds that Jacqueline is a much harder nut to crack. Her husband knows that she went to the masquerade ball with a man and warns her about what that could mean for both of them. Also, Jacqueline feels rejected, so she doesn’t pay any attention to Valmont. 

But he doesn’t give up. Ultimately, he manipulates her into giving up by showing her a mirror of her loneliness. When Valmont comes to see her, she is ready to take their relationship to the next level, but first, she wants to tell him something. She confirms most of what Valmont already knows about her and Camille, but she does tell him something new. He finds out that Odette, Camille’s daughter, is still alive. 

Camille had given her to her, but Jacqueline took her away. Since then, this has been a weight on her shoulders. Valmot is so shocked that he can’t talk about it, but he stays calm enough to devise a plan. He tells Jacqueline how they might escape with Odette and tells Camille to meet him at a particular time in the Luxembourg Gardens. But things go very wrong when Jacqueline’s maid tells Henry the truth, and Henry has Valmont beaten and taken prisoner. 

He can’t find a way to meet Camille, so she thinks he’s left her alone again. Henry tells his wife that he will send her to a mental hospital if she doesn’t give up any plans she might have. Camille meets Theo, tells him her story, and asks him to use it as the basis for his next opera. He agrees with being thankful. Camille goes to the Marquis and asks him to marry her because she feels like she is acting alone. That night, the wedding takes place.

But there are also things going on that she can’t do anything about. Gabriel has found out that several women are being found dead with a ball of red thread in their throats. He ties this to the “Labyrinth,” a place in the city considered dangerous. 

His officer tells him to put the case out of his mind. But he goes to see the Marquis and tells him to find a girl like Ariadne who won’t leave any traces. Even though he suggests Camille, the Marquis is really in love with her and finds Victoire to replace Ariadne at the last minute. She went back to see her friend, but when she got there, she was in a lot of trouble.

When Camille wakes up the following day, she finds no one in the house. The Marquis wants everyone to move to Saint Domingue, Majordome tells her. Camille is upset by this turn of events, and while thinking about what to do next, she finds a secret tunnel in the house that leads her to Victoire, who is barely awake. 

By that time, the Marquis was home, and he told Camille to let her go. Camille attacks him when she realises what needs to be done. She kills him, Victoire, and Majordome, but it is Camille’s hand that pulls the rope tighter around his neck. 

They decide that the Marquis’ body needs to be found so Camille can become his widow and access his money and social status. On the other hand, Victoire decides to leave Camille and start a new life in the New World. Valmont tells Jacqueline to write a letter to Azolan telling him everything she has told him while he tries to escape the place. He says he will use that to get her husband to do what he wants. Jacqueline does what he says on her way to the opera, but Valmont breaks free and runs away.

Dangerous Liaisons Episodes 7 & 8 Ending Explain

Theo’s play goes as planned at the opera, but it makes the elite very angry because it shows them in a bad light. While that is going on, Camille and Jacqueline run into each other downstairs and have a long-overdue argument. Jacqueline says she’s sorry she couldn’t protect Camille, but Camille says she’s had enough. 

She tells Lucienne the truth about her, which breaks her heart for good. Outside, Valmont is hurt and waiting for her in her carriage. When she looks at him, she can tell that something is wrong. But she tells him she doesn’t want to get even and wants peace. He wants to say to her about Odette, but he can’t. He tells Azolan that he will say to her when he gets her back from Henry.

Gabriel is still not sure that the death of the Marquis was an accident. He goes to see Camille, and when he sees her hands, he knows she will kill him. But as soon as he sees her face, he tells her he loves her. When Camille says she doesn’t want to be with him, he tells her she can’t be with Valmont. 

So, she has to write him a letter telling him she doesn’t love him and that she only used him to get what she wanted all along. Valmont is upset and angry and goes straight to his stepmother, Ondine. She had told him before that she had a deal for him: protect her son Prevan and kill Camille. 

The secrets beneath the surface are now much more powerful, making relationships more dangerous. The following season will take turns that no one could have seen coming.

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