Bill Packer’s Net Worth as “legendary” Basketball Broadcaster Dies

Billy Packer, a famous college sports announcer, died at the age of 82. This has made fans want to know more about his career and how much money he made.

Mark and Brandt, two of Packer’s sons, shared the sad news on Twitter on Thursday night, January 26. After hearing about his death, fans have taken to social media to share their sorrow and pay tribute.

Let’s find out more about the late Billy Packer, who was a well-known basketball announcer.

Bill Packer’s Net Worth

Idol Networth says that Billy Packer has a net worth of about $20 million.

The broadcaster has been in the business for more than 30 years and has had a long and successful career. Packer was the main college basketball expert on the NBC and CBS teams covering the Final Four for 34 years. He also worked for Raycom as a commentator for ACC games. The majority of Packer’s income likely came from his many jobs in sports media.

Packer has been recognised many times for his love of sports and his skill as a broadcaster. In 1993, he stood out when he won a Sports Emmy for Outstanding Sports Personality, Studio, and Sports Analyst. Also in 2008, Packer was inducted into the National Collegiate Basketball Hall of Fame.

In 2008, Packer stopped being a sportscaster, but he kept working with basketball. He worked as a consultant for the NBA’s Charlotte Bobcats and was involved in a number of business and real estate deals.

“legendary” Basketball Broadcaster Dies

Billy’s son, Mark Packer, told The Associated Press that his father had been in a hospital in Charlotte, North Carolina, for the past three weeks. He was in the hospital with a number of health problems, but he died of kidney failure.

Packer had three kids: Mark, Liz, and Brandt. His wife, Barbara, died before him. Both of Billy’s sons work in sports media, which is what their father did. Mark is a sports radio host in Charlotte, North Carolina, and Brandt works as a producer for the Golf Channel.

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