Alone Australia TV Series Review

Welcome to the world of Alone Australia, a captivating survival show that brings together a diverse group of contestants to face the harsh wilderness of lutruwita/Tasmania. As they battle against the elements and their own inner struggles, viewers are drawn into an emotional journey that challenges their assumptions about survival, resilience, and the human spirit. With a focus on First Nations knowledge and a commitment to exploring the impact of solitude, Alone Australia is a worthy addition to the Alone franchise and a must-watch for fans of survival-based reality television.

The Allure of Alone

During Covid lockdowns, many people discovered the captivating survival show, Alone, where contestants compete for a cash prize while enduring harsh wilderness conditions. The show prompts viewers to ponder their own survival capabilities.

Alone Australia Arrives

Alone Australia has finally arrived, featuring contestants enduring the cold winter of lutruwita/Tasmania. The first two episodes show that the Australian version maintains the key elements that make Alone so engaging, including unexpected challenges, diverse contestants, and an exploration of solitude’s impact.

Embracing Diversity and Culture

Alone Australia surpasses the original show in terms of diversity, with First Nations contestants, queer contestants, and people from various cultural backgrounds and political ideologies. The show also acknowledges the traditional owners of the land, the palawa people, and highlights their historical connection to the area.

The Impact of Solitude

One unique aspect of Alone is witnessing how solitude affects contestants, especially those with a macho mindset. Contestants’ vulnerabilities and strengths are revealed as they face the unforgiving environment, often defying expectations.

An Emotional Journey

The first two episodes of Alone Australia waste no time in drawing viewers into an emotional journey. The show continues to keep fans engaged while challenging their assumptions about survival and human resilience.

Alone Australia TV Series Review

Alone Australia is an engaging survival show that skillfully showcases the diverse contestants’ physical and emotional challenges in the unforgiving Tasmanian wilderness. With a strong focus on First Nations knowledge and an insightful exploration of solitude’s impact, the series proves to be a riveting addition to the Alone franchise. The commitment to diversity and cultural sensitivity sets this version apart and adds a unique depth to the viewing experience. Alone Australia is a must-watch for reality TV fans, earning a well-deserved 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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