Who Is The Walrus Masked Singer?

Who Is The Walrus Masked Singer? When asked about the “difficult” of performing and reuniting with his famous brothers onstage, the Walrus’s true identity was revealed on “The Masked Singer,” and the ’90s star discussed the experience. The Masked Singer viewers believe they have finally identified a costume this season, The Walrus.

On November 6th, Walrus will perform with Milkshake, a brand new contestant, and the Lambs, who were last week’s Queens.

This episode is especially noteworthy because it marks the 100th installment of The Masked Singer. As a way to mark the occasion, the show will be shown on Sundays instead of its regular weekday slot and will feature a special evening dedicated to the decade of the 1990s.

As they try to identify the celebrities hiding behind the masks, Robin Thicke, Ken Jeong, Jenny McCarthy Wahlberg, and Nicole Scherzinger can be seen dressed in the fashion of the corresponding decade.

Who Is The Walrus Masked Singer?

There needs to be more proof for fans to conclude who might be hiding behind the Walrus disguise. Based on the popularity of the previous two guesses (Joey Fatone and Chris Kirkpatrick), it would appear that most of you are going with Lance Bass since the “fish” clue suggests his last name.

Lance and Danielle Fishel have been announced as special guests on the “’90s Night” program, but will either of them be interested in performing twice? Soon, we may find out!

If you’ve been watching “The Masked Singer,” you’re probably wondering: “Who is Walrus?” Joey Lawrence is the correct answer.

The consensus has been wrong: nobody saw this coming! The Walrus was appropriately revealed to be the ’80s and ’90s icon Joey Lawrence, better known as one-third of the Lawrence Brothers, on ’90s Night of The Masked Singer.

On September 8, when this year’s costumes were unveiled, the first hint for Walrus was confirmed as a fish.

Fans of The Masked Singer were quick to respond with their guesses when the clue was shared on the show’s official Twitter page.

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