Who Is Peter Mcindoe? The origins of “Birds Aren’t Real”

Who Is Peter Mcindoe? When the founder of Birds Aren’t Real, and his team went on CBS’ 60 Minutes, host Sharyn Alfonsi was left in fits.

Throughout history, there have been numerous conspiracy theories. Misinformation spreads like wildfire on the internet, from the moon landing being a fake to many still believing the planet is flat.

This isn’t the case for Peter McIndoe, a 24-year-old college dropout who found a good way to deal with it.

Who Is Peter Mcindoe?

It’s called “Birds Aren’t Real.” Peter McIndoe is the person who started it. 2017 is when it began. The young founder, who used to be a student at the University of Arkansas, is now one of the most well-known Gen-Z people on the web.

Peter, who has more than 8000 followers on Instagram, likes to keep things quiet, so people don’t know about him or his family or where he went to school.

However, in a recent 60 Minutes interview, he said that he was raised in a tight-knit conservative community where conspiracy theories were a way of life and that he didn’t believe in them.

Birds Aren’t Real was started by the 24-year-old back in 2017. She did it on a whim. As he visited a friend in Memphis, Peter was surprised to see “counterprotesters,” people who came to the scene “who were older, bigger white men,” he says.

It was not their event, so they had no right to be there. It’s clear that Peter has a good sense of humor. He made a sign and went out to join the march. Nobody told me to write a satire. That’s when he thought: “I should write a sign that doesn’t have anything to do with what is going on.” On the sign, he wrote, “birds aren’t real.” The protesters started asking him what it meant.

As a result, Peter came up with a story about a movement that had been going on for 50 years. It was meant to save American birds, but it didn’t work. Those people were all killed by the “deep state.” Instead, they were replaced by surveillance drones. All of the birds you see are actually “tiny feathered robots” that are watching you, the man said.

During 60 Minutes, What Did The Team Of Birds That Don’t Really Say About The Game?

It turns out that Peter and his co-conspirators, Claire Chronis and Cameron Kasky, and Connor Gaydos, don’t care about politics. It’s just how they feel about growing up in a world full of conspiracy theories.

Connor Gaydos: “It’s an opportunity for, I think, our generation to laugh, to make fun, and to kind of be like, here’s like a laundry list of things that haven’t come true. It’s a good thing to do.” You’ve been lying to us, so we’re going to lie back to you, and we’re going to make it fun.

After 14 of his classmates and three teachers were killed in a terrible shooting at his Parkland, Florida, high school, Cameron was the first person to make the news. He started March for Our Lives, which is a group of people who want stricter gun laws.

Every now and then, Birds Aren’t Real rallies take place in Los Angeles, Missouri, and many other places. A character called Eugene Price was also made up by Peter. He is said to have hidden evidence that the government killed birds.

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