Who Is Nikita Mathis, Fan Busta Rhymes Threw A Drink On?

Who Is Nikita Mathis? Busta Rhymes threw a drink at a female fan after she tried to touch his behind, according to reports. The video of what happened quickly spread through social media.

Busta was walking through the Las Vegas Convention Center during the MAGIC Fashion Trade Show when a female fan came up from behind him and grabbed his butt. Busta turned around, looked angry, and threw a drink at her before looking her in the eyes.

Who Is Nikita Mathis?

The woman was named Nikita Mathis by the Shade Room. The Shade Room said that she is the owner of the Platinum Plus Fashions Boutique.

Who is Nikita Mathis

Before the fight, the woman looked like she was smiling or laughing. But the camera didn’t catch what she did next.

After the event, the woman said something. Nikita Mathis told The Shade Room that she just wanted a picture with Busta and didn’t mean to touch him. She said it was an honest mistake. “I thought I might be able to get a picture because he had,” she said to explain the situation.

In the beginning of 2015, Busta was charged with second-degree assault after he threw a protein drink at a gym worker in Manhattan. After he pleaded guilty, the charge was changed from a crime to harassment. As part of his guilty plea, he agreed to take classes on how to deal with his anger.

Busta had just performed at the Grammys as part of a celebration of 50 years of hip-hop. He rapped with Spliff Starr on “Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Could See” and “Look at Me Now” by Chris Brown.

Many people also said that if the roles were switched and a famous woman artist was being groped by a man, people would be outraged.

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